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Tex-Mex Big Bassin’ Lake Falcon Style (continued)


“A front like this usually opens the doors,” Dan went on to explain. “The fish just move all over the lake in weather like today.” We decided that the best thing to do was to survey the deeper water. Dan pointed to a tree line and asked me to visualize the trees on both sides, he went on to explain that by looking at the parallel trees you could perceive where the underwater creek beds are. This was our next destination and we tied on 5 and 6 inch senkos and Yum Dingers with weights and started making drifts over the rocky creek structure below.


We continue to work the treetops which form a line around the edge of submerged creek beds


I could feel my tungsten bullet hitting the rocky structure below and it wasn’t long before I got my first hookup. The fish head straight for the trees and before I had a chance to turn her I felt the line go dead, it looked like I was hung up.


Watermelon lizards catch the most fish in the morning


Dan didn’t give the next fish that extra time and immediately set hard and wound in line quickly and boat flipped a nice five pounder. “Now that’s looking a lot better,” Dan exclaimed. “As soon as you set into the fish they will try and get right into the trees, you need to pull them away from there or your probably going to get hung up, sometimes they stay on but most of the time they don’t.”


Dan rigs up to go deeper with Senkos and Yum Dingers


I often like to fish medium heavy rods and I just enjoy fishing a rod that is slightly underrated for the application. Unfortunately at Falcon this simply wasn’t a good idea and after losing what felt like another nice fish I was done messing around. Dan let me borrow one of his rods and I reached for a Kistler Z-Bone 7’6” heavy stick. Dan is a prostaffer for Kistler and fishes many of the company’s flipping sticks with plastics on Falcon, not something I like to do unless it is a true pitching to structure situation. I went ahead and paired the Zbone with my Daiwa Steez which was spooled  with Izorline hollow braid and a 30lb Fluorocarbon Seaguar topshot by the crew at Hi’s Tackle Box back in San Francisco.


Working a drift in 8-10 feet of water the fishing picks up in terms of quality


Once rigged back up with a watermelon gold flake senko I cast back into 8-10 feet of water and we started drifting again. It took no more than ten minutes for me to get another strike and I set the Zbone hard! The rod immediately loaded up but this time I had the proper rod backbone to get the job done. Though the fish tried to run for cover I turned it immediately and brought it to the surface promptly where it angrily jumped out of the water twice before I landed it. She was a healthy four and a half pounder and it looked like we had the makings of a pattern.


Gimme that senko!


We worked the same drift all afternoon and a number of times I switched to jerkbaits and crankbaits but the reaction bite just wasn’t happening. A white spinnerbait nabbed a few but it was the stickbaits that was getting all the quality fish. As the sun finally peeked through the clouds and the water temp reached 58 degrees the fishing really started heating up. In a span of two hours going into the end of the afternoon we had a number of double and back to back hookups. I landed a number of quality fish up to six pounds but Dan got the biggest when he stuck a seven and a half pounder on a six inch senko.


A double hookup as the water warms up... and so does the fishing


We finished up with just over forty fish between the two of us, in fact I didn’t see a single dink during the entire day. The smallest fish we caught was over two pounds and our largest was seven and a half pounds. There were two rods that I gravitated to on this day, the first was a Power Tackle Paragon 7'6" Med Heavy/Mod Fast which had recoil guides and the other was the Heavy ZBone 7'6" rod which actually was lighter in weight. The Zbone offers some of the best of both worlds, a blank that is both sensitive and light. The micro guides give the rod a more connected feel and the rod has plenty of backbone to control and turn fish towards the boat. I caught almost all my fish on this first day with these two rods.


Dan hooks into a better fish...

Next Section: Dan's big fish and recommended lures










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