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Tex-Mex Big Bassiní Lake Falcon Style (continued)


Though rated ďheavyĒ this rod fished more like a medium-heavy to me, except when it came to really loading up the blank. The North Fork Composites blank that Gary Loomis lends to this rodís construction is the absolute real deal. The entire combo with my Steez reel felt great and the balancing system helped make it feel even lighter in hand by bringing the balance point to the reel itself. 


...and boat flips in a 7.5lbr


The fish at Falcon are hard fighters, they are mean but will readily bite a plastic when properly presented to them. I did find them a little more finicky than the bass at El Salto, but it may have just been this particular day. I would love to see what these bass are like when the sun is out and the water is really warm. Dan told me that May is a great month for swimbaits and he has landed some absolute pigs on a Tru-Tungsten Tilapia patterned swimbait, looks like Iíll just have to come back.


The lake sustains a huge population of migratory birds


What you need: So what does a day on the water with Dan cost? Dan only guides for Black Bass so if you want a shot at a Gar he isn't your man, but if your looking to get into largemouth he did a great job putting me on fish. Dan charges 300 dollars for a half day (5 hours) and 400 dollars for a full day (8-9 hours), a 100 dollar non refundable deposit is required in advance to guarantee a booking. Because Falcon resides in both U.S. and Mexico territories there are two sets of licenses required to fish here. On the Texas side of the lake, all species are managed under current Texas statewide regulations. For recreational anglers fishing Mexican waters, a Mexico fishing license is required for everyone in the boat. Mexico boat permits are no longer required. For information on Mexico's fishing regulations, visit the National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission (CONAPESCA) website. Mexico licenses can be purchased in Zapata at Robert's Fish N' Tackle (2425 S. Highway 83, 956/765-1442) or from Falcon Lake Tackle (2195 S. Highway 83, 956/765-4866.)


Yum Dingers worked well in deep water


In terms of tackle you will want to gear up with more plastics in the early part of the season, like on this particular trip, but they will work year round. Good colors on Falcon are watermelon, watermelon red, watermelon gold and even candy or margarita. Popular lures include as well as mag lizards, brush hogs, stick baits and magnum custom hand pours. Drop shot is a seldom used but very effective technique on Falcon as well, just make sure to use a heavier fluorocarbon line.


Dan encourages his clients to release fish


When the water is warm and the fish are active a white spinnerbait can be phenomenal, I landed a five and a half pounder on spinnerbait right in the trees later in the week during this same trip. Crankbaits of all sorts can also be excellent and citrus patterns are a proven color. Finally both soft and hard swimbaits can be used to target big fish in the summer months.


We also had success fishing EZ Jigs with trailers


A heavy rod is an absolute must for fishing the submerged trees, it is just heartbreaking to not be able to stop a big fish, and fish long enough on Falcon and you definitely will hook into one. I also like to use braid tipped with fluorocarbon which gives you the sensitivity, stealth and strength to target the big fish effectively. A hollow braid heavy leader connection worked well through the micro guides where larger knots will negatively affect casting distance by knocking against the guides. Finally dress warm and be ready for a serious case of bass thumb. By the end of the first day I was wearing sungloves because my fingers were so raw, always a good indicator of a world class bass fishery.  


By the end of the day I understood just what Falcon Lake Bassin was all about...


Conclusion: It was interesting to see Dan adjust to the conditions and he ended up living up to his early morning prediction by putting us on both good numbers and quality fish. We could have worked the treetops all day for 2-3 pounders but he knew why I came to Zapata Texas and went in search of the lunkers in deeper water, it was then that I got a taste of what Falcon Lake was all really all about. Any lake where anglers can expect to catch a fish in the six to seven pound class and have a shot at a double digit bass with a quality guide like Dan is something else.


...and as the sun sets you can be sure that I'll be coming back to this world class fishery


The reputation that Falcon has as a world class bass fishery is well deserved, the snapshot I got of the lake in a single day is enough to get me to already start thinking of my next trip back. The fish here continually gorge themselves on protein rich Tilapia, and with no natural predators other than a few commercial fishermen coming from the Mexico side and bass anglers coming from the U.S. they get big and mean quick. It is already impressive that there are such big fish here at Falcon but it is equally extraordinary how big the population of lunkers there are in the lake, this truly is Tex-Mex bassiní at its best. 

To find out more about Falcon Lake Guide Service and to book a trip with Dan visit his website, just tell Dan you want the TackleTour experience










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