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Enthusiast Reel Review

Daiwa's Version of the Little Black Dress: The Exist 2004 (continued)

The Field Tests: I was able to load about 60 yards of 6 pound test Original P-Line (~0.23mm in diameter) onto the Daiwa Exist 2004's very shallow spool and fished it on two different rods over the course of the past year: first my Megabass F3-610DGS Aaron Martens Limited; and second, my Megabass F3-69XS Shabbler.


Daiwa Exist 2004 Complete Field Test Setup
Rod 1
Rod 2
F3-610DGS Aaron Martens Limited
F3-69XS Shabbler
6 lb P-Line Original ( ~60yds : 0.23mm)


It's important to note that the 2004 sized Daiwa spinning reels are intended to house approximately 100 meters of 4 pound test line, hence the "4" in 2004. Similarly, their 2506 spinning reels have spools that are sized for 100 meters of 6 pound test line. Move up to the 2508 or 3012 reels, and the capacities jump to 150 meters of 8 and 12 pound test line respectively. These specified capacities will, of course, vary with each lines' actual diameter. Otherwise, the actual physical size of a Daiwa 2004 spinning reel is the same as that of their standard 2000 series reels. Likewise, the 2506/08 and 3012 reels are sized the same as their 2500 and 3000 series reels respectively.


The Exist's handle does not fold but simply screws on to either side of the reel


Machined handles, such as this one on the Exist 2004 are the latest vogue in spinning reels


Top view of the Daiwa Exist 2004 reveals handsome detailing courtesy of the spool's titanium lip


Casting: As one would expect, the Exist 2004 is as easy to cast as any other spinning reel. On several tests to sample the maximum possible casting distance with this reel using roughly a three-sixteenths to quarter ounce bait offering, no extraordinary results were achieved. I found the length of the reel's standoff from its reel foot is at a comfortable distance for feathering of the spool during casts and the bail operation was flawless and relatively quiet.


The Exist features Daiwa's traditional one-piece airbail arm


A closeup of the Exist's roller guide supported by two CRBB's


The Exist's anti-reverse switch is located at the front of the reel, just under the rotor


More casting and retrieve performance data 









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