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Enthusiast Reel Review

Daiwa's Version of the Little Black Dress: The Exist 2004 (continued)

The Daiwa Exist also has an evil twin sibling, the Exist Steez. The Exist Steez is a freshwater only version of the reel, but is also specially suited for fluorocarbon lines. So what makes a spinning reel more suitable for fluorocarbon line than the next one? The difference is in the taper of the spool. The Exist Steez has a reverse taper spool which theoretically directs more line to be stored at the bottom of the spool than at the top. This gives the majority of line a shallower angle from which to overcome the spool's lip as your cast is made. With softer, more manageable line, this a relative non-issue, but with the stiffer copolymers and fluorocarbons, resistance in the form of friction on the line from passing over the lip of the spool can shorten casting distance.


The Exist 2004 (left) and its evil twin sibling, the Exist Steez 2004 (right)


The Exist Steez (left) is a special, freshwater only version of the Exist specially designed for fluorocarbon lines


What makes a spinning reel more compatible with fluorocarbon lines? It's in the spool. The Steez Exist spool (right) has a reverse taper to house more line at the bottom of the spool reducing the departure angle of the line from the spool's lip during a cast


Retrieve: As with most all of Daiwa's ReelFour technology spinning reels, the Daiwa Exist 2004 is virtually flawless in the retrieve. Spin the handle fast or slow and the result is smooth, non-wobbling operation - as long as your hand stays on the handle. The chrome highlighted spool of the Exist oscillates up and down effortlessly and the one-piece airbail directs the line to the reel's two bearing supported line roller. There are simply no distractions while turning this reel's handle to interrupt your concentration when feeling out the subtlest of subtle, finesse bites.


No spinning reel is perfect and line twists are inevitable


The Daiwa Finesse spool decoder ring... typically, those spools ending in a "4" or "6" are targetted with capacties of 100m (or 110yds) of 4 or 6 pound test, respectively. Those ending in "8" or "12" are targetted with capacities of 150m for 8 and 12 pound test, respectively


But the inevitable still eventually shows and that is line twist. There are several ways to mitigate the occurrence of twist in your line while using spinning gear, and even one very effective way to resolve it (letting all the line from your reel trail behind the boat as you idle forward and then winding the line back on your reel), but it eventually rears its head and such was our experience with the Daiwa Exist 2004. It is just a necessary evil one has to deal with when using this type of gear.


The Exist features a CRBB underneath the spool to enhance the reel's drag performance


The rotor is easily removed for maintenance..

The drag, design, and complete ratings 









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