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Presenting TackleTour's Deep Diving Crankbait Shootout! (continued)

Bomber FatFree BD7 : The FatFree Shad is another standard, deep diving crank that should be in every dedicated crankbait fisherman's' box. However, same as the Norman DD22, the available finishes and hooks leave something to be desired.

The Super Cedar 400 Plus is an effective bait, but one that got lost in the shuffle when pitted against the other baits in this shootout.

Poe’s Super Cedar 400 Plus : If you're into wood cranks, this is certainly one to consider though for us, the jury is still out. It just didn't perform quite well enough compared to some of the other baits for us to want to continue to throw it, and in a shootout, you have to stand out.

The Longreach, with its extra long bill, was the most disappointing bait in our shootout.

Poe’s Competition Cedar 4500 Longreach : This bait received continued throws by each editor for the simple fact we could not get the bait to go down as deep as easily as other deep divers. With that super long bill, diving depth had to be a no brainer, but apparently not. The Longreach is anything but.

The Deep-X 300 is a welcome addition to Megabass's lineup of cranks, but we're still uncertain it's any better than the proven Deep-X 200T.

Megabass Deep-X 300 : I personally had high hopes for this crank considering it's supposed to be the deeper running version of its Editor's Choice Award winning sibling, the Deep-X 200T. It looks better than the 200T, has more weight, and casts really really well. But frankly, we're not convinced it dives any deeper than its sibling.

On this day, in this shootout, the Lucky Craft CB D20 caught the most fish, and in the end, isn't that what counts?

Lucky Craft Flat CB D20 : In our continued love hate relationship with the products that are Lucky Craft, the loves are slowly overtaking the hates. Chalk the Flat CB D20 up to another "love". It comes with quality components along with clean, detailed finishes, and in the final analysis, on this Deep Diving Crankbait Shootout journey, the competition came down to this bait and the DD22. And on this day, the fish wanted the CB D20. The only real, discernable difference? Color. We had a color in the CB D20 that the fish wanted and couldn't really match it with what we had on hand from our DD22 collection.


While the DD22 may have come in second on this day, it's a difficult bait to overlook given its price point at one third that of the Lucky Craft.

Conclusion: So what can we conclude from these collection of deep diving cranks? There are really less than a handful of baits that deliver close to what is promised, and a good amount of lures that fall a little short. Then there are the select few that don’t even belong in the discussion because in head to head competition, they are unique and don't offer a apples to apples comparison. Even then, despite how well a bait feels in the water and how well it compares to the competition, sometimes the fish just want something else. Such was the case between our DD22s and Lucky Craft Flat CB D20s.

The proof is in the catching and the Lucky Craft CB D20 caught its share of bass during our shootout.

By all accounts, the DD22 should have run away with this shootout, but on this specific day, the Lucky Craft Flat CB D20 was what the fish wanted. This bait didn’t run as deep as our DD22s, but something about it, perhaps the color, made the fish want to eat it. That’s the most significant difference we saw between these two baits. While the DD22 felt like it dove deeper on the same equipment, both baits had a similar feel in the water, and the Lucky Craft color is what they wanted. Overall the DD22 is available in more patterns, but the Lucky Craft finishes are just at another level.

For crankin' fanatics, deep diving cranks are a reliable means to a nice limit of fish.

Our final recommendation? If you’re into deep cranking, it’s tough to go wrong with a good collection of Norman DD22s, Lucky Craft Flat CB D20s, and Bomber Fat Free BD7Fs. The other baits in our shootout may be just as effective, or perhaps even more so in different conditions, but on this day, during our Year of the Crank Deep Diving Crankbait Shootout, these are the baits that won our confidence.

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