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A Look Behind the Steel Door of D&J Plastics, Inc. (continued)


Then there's the matter of bait consistency, colors, and a host of other factors that need to be considered before your initial production run - of which there's a minimum of ten thousand (10,000) pieces. All told from start to finish, the folks at D&J Plastics tell us you can expect to invest upwards of twenty to twenty five thousand ($20,000-$25,000) before your creature creation even hits store shelves! You'd have to sell a lot of product to make up that margin.

Drums lined up in the production room ready to be moved back out into storage.

On the topic of bait consistency, ever notice how some soft plastic baits seem to last only one or two fish while others many more than that? It all has to do with how soft the plastic is. D&J Plastics has the ability to custom tailor this consistency per bait type answering the goals of each manufacturer for all of their products. These formulas along with the pigment mixes to achieve each manufacturer's custom color palettes are all kept on record so batches of plastic and their colors can be mixed up on demand.

Mixing up a new batch of plastic for the injection machines.

Drums of soft plastic in varying colors stacked two high and saved for the next run.

Business at D&J Plastics has been on a steady rise since the company was founded in 1997. They've had to expand out of the original building twice since they opened their doors and are in the middle of a third add on that will see an additional 14,000 square feet of manufacturing space. There's room on the property for even grander plans should the need arise.

Storage space is at a premium. This air conditioned trailer was pulled in for temporary storage that eventually became permanent - one of three.

The top floor of a two story, 14,000 SF expansion underway now at D&J Plastics, Inc.

Dennis Montgomery has played an integral role in bass fishing's soft plastic industry for over 30 years and now, together with his wife Joyce, runs D&J Plastics, Inc. helping produce baits for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Conclusion: This was the very first time media of any sort has been allowed behind the scenes and D&J Plastics, Inc.. Factory tours are just not something they offer - competition in this industry is too fierce, and all their energy has been spent building and responding to their customer base. We're honored for this invitation and hope you've enjoyed this brief tour of one of the largest soft plastic bait manufacturers in the country. Thank you D&J Plastics for opening your doors to our readers.


Not to be missed or overlooked when in the Georgetown, GA area is a little roadside establishment called The Trough.

We were treated to a wonderful meal of home cooked baby back ribs with beans and potato salad that was absolutely delicious.

Topping the meal off was home made apple cobbler ala mode. The Trough is located on Highway 39 between Georgetown and Ft. Gaines, Georgia.










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