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Reel Review

Daiwa expands their brightly colored lineup with the new Tierra spinning reel (continued)

Ergonomics: The Tierra features a compact slim body, one that reminds me of the slightly more aggressively shaped SOL. It is certainly more attractive than the older more expensive TD Advantage reels. The lower priced Exceler shares the same profile, and is basically a cost down version of the Tierra, one that features the same ergonomics but doesnít sport the Air-Bail, duplicate spare spool, or sealed drag. 


That's right, the knob is painted to match as well

In terms of user friendly layout the Tierra is op notch. Daiwaís easy to use drag system is quick to tune, and the reel features a quality handle and ergonomically shaped rubber knob.  


Let's see just how well that sealed drag system works...


The smaller reels come with a barrel knob, while the larger reels come armed with a full on power grip. The handle is shaped nicely to fit between your fingers and the Tierra, like most Daiwa spinning reels, features a rather low profile bail to minimize accidental contact with your knuckles while fighting fish.


After being submerged the inside of the adjustment cap is still dry

An easy takedown handle makes the Tierra slightly more portable, and the duplicate spare aluminum spool makes it easier to use this reel for a variety of applications and species. When it comes to weight the Tierra falls within the average for a reel this size, if reduced weight is a priority your best bet is a magnesium based reel. All in all when it comes to ergonomics there really isnít anything to complain about with this reel.

The adjustment knob is coated in grease

Durability: The Tierra makes use of less plastic than the Capricorn, and is coated with a shield of blue paint over all metallic surfaces. After weeks of use we didnít observe any boat rash or reason for concern regarding the finish.

A closer look at the drag gasket (edge of knob)

The functional components in the Tierra held up nicely and the reel continues to feel just as smooth as it did the day it came out of the box. The reelís bearing system makes use of both traditional ball bearings and two corrosion resistant CRBB bearings.

The grooves on the drag cap serve as micro-click adjustment notches

The one area where this reel is vastly improved over the previous generation Daiwa spinning reels in this price range is the sealed drag system. Though simple in design the inclusion of a gasket makes this reel washable in between use. Though this really isnít a concern for the 1500 size, the larger reels will certainly benefit from quick rinses in between saltwater use.

The Tierra's drag system makes use of metal and felt drag washers


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