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Reel Review

Daiwa expands their brightly colored lineup with the new Tierra spinning reel (continued)

Retrieve: While casting tests were somewhat humdrum, the retrieve tests with the Tierra sparked everyone’s interest. The Capricorn was already an especially smooth reel but it is safe to say that the Tierra effectively puts the Capricorn to shame when it comes to a silky fluid retrieve. The Tierra is so good it’s actually hard to distinguish the Sol spinning reel from the Tierra on feel alone. One of the nicest things about this latest slew of Daiwa reels is the optimal balance between having a smooth feeling retrieve and still feeling connected to your gearing at all times.


The Tierra 1500 balanced out our drop shot outfit nicely

aiwa achieves this extremely smooth yet connected retrieve with the implementation of their premium “Digigear” design, which features computer design gearing that ensures extremely tight tolerances for a perfect mesh between the ultra-tough surface treated alloy gear drive and marine bronze pinion gear. The result is a gearing set that is optimized for speed, power, and durability over a longer period.


The free switch is located on the back of the reel

When fishing even deep diving hardbaits with this reel we felt confident in the reel’s power, and you never feel like the gears are straining. The reel features an excellent instant anti-reverse which exhibited no backplay at all.

Yes, even the bail arm is coated

Some reels feel smooth in the store, but during high speed retrieves in the field anglers begin to notice a wobble. This is not the case with the Tierra which features one of the most even rotations we have ever seen. Daiwa has balanced the rotor out nicely on the Tierra, and even when burning darter heads we never observed any rotor quiver whatsoever.

The rotor has hollowed out areas for weight reduction, but more importantly perfect balance

Drag: The Tierra makes use of a sealed drag system which seals the drag from performance robbing elements, as well as allows you to rinse off the reel without fear of contaminating your drag system. We splash and even soaked test the drag system, a direct 30 second rinse and the drag system was completely dry, but when the reel was fully submerged some moisture did enter the drag system from the inside of the spool.

Cranking down on the reel while burning back single tail grubs

The drag itself is comprised of 4 felt and alloy washer surfaces, and feels extremely smooth under pressure. What surprised me was just how powerful a drag the small 1500 Tierra exhibited. This small reel outputted 13lbs of counter pressure with the drag buttoned down. Part of the reason the drag is so powerful is the manner in which the spool is mounted.


The Airbail and titanium nitride line roller are flawlessly constructed

The spool floats on another pinion which acts like a second drag surface, similar to dual drag designs. The drag is simple yet refined, and alterations in drag setting are able to be done quickly in very minute adjustments. In fact, the settings on the Tierra are far more refined than the Capricorn and really allow you to dial in drag settings in .3lb increments.

The Tierra 1500 has a 4.7:1 gear ratio and is capable of drawing in 23.6 inches of line per handle turn


Next Section: Ergonomics and durability










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