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Goldcustom: Before we could turn our attention to some exciting terminal tackle we couldn’t believe the "bling" that was exhibited by the gold reel that adorned the side of the Daiwa showroom. This thing was a work of art…but it couldn’t be a real “gold” reel now could it? Toru from the sales team saw us staring at the reel and remarked “that that is our commemorative gold custom reel, it is over 30 years old.” We asked if it was reel gold, and Toru answered “yes, both the reel and the rod.”


The Sea Line 900 Goldcustom's design is timeless.... but in reality the reel is 30 years old


We inspected the Gold Custom closer and this reel weighed a lot…all the gold no doubt. The reel was a work of art and really should have been locked up, after all what if some over-excited tackle editor tried to sneak it out of the showroom? Toru told us it was built long ago to commemorate Daiwa successes at the time.


Yes, the Gold custom is made out of real gold


The reel is not just gold plated, but features numerous gold components. The reel was built in a limited number and because the gold was so soft the company actually had to gold plate tools like screwdriver tips so the reel wouldn’t be scratched during construction. Building special tools, just to build a special edition reel? Now that is what we call… truly enthusiast!


The custom rod was created at the same time for this special reel

Those are some expensive roller guides


Even the fighting butt is a serious piece of gold hardware


Toru shows us the commemorative Gold Custom


Dendoh Power: We also had a look at the new Dendoh power assist reels. These automatic reels continue to gain interest for deep water applications like jiigging. This is the first time outside of the ICAST prototypes that we have had an opportunity to play with the reels. Though they are digital reels with integrated motors they feature a washable design with all the sealed electronics. Daiwa has a complete offering with their Saltiga boat braided line which varies in color depending on depth.


The Dendoh reels look quite unlike traditional saltwater reels


The Saltiga braided line is designed to match up perfectly with the Dendoh reels


The Seaborg is a compact reel that is good for casting and both manual and automatic winding


The 12V battery attached to the Seaborg


Aki Kobayashi (VP of R&D) and Hank Oishi (Reel Product Manager) are the key people behind Daiwa's US reel offerings


Next Section: Back to terminal tackle...the Ayu lureship? 










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