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RPM Crank: Next up was the famous RPM crank. No RPM doesn’t stand for “Rotations Per Minute,” instead Daiwa Japan's RPM acronym stands for “Revolutionary Perfect Movement.” This stout crank looks like a balsa crank but is actually made out of plastic and sports a super thin PCB (printed circuit board) lip which is extremely durable. Not only does it look like a balas wood crank but it is designed to move like one.


The RPM crank from Japan


The bait can reach 4 feet in depth quickly then hold there with a mid action side to side wobble. A single rattle helps call fish out from structure and the unique head and durable lip are designed to take a beating. All of which make the RPM crank an excellent bait for heavy cover.


The RPM Crank is available in a slew of patterns


These baits are currently being imported into the US between 15-20 dollars, so when will we see the RPM stateside? That remains to be seen as the company is making final decisions on whether to bring the bait here. They did confirm that if it does indeed make it to the US the domestic model will likely be called something different. We certainly hope that they make the RPM a domestic SKU, regardless of what it is called.


The RPM looks like a balsa crank but is actually made of plastic

The cranks are designed to perform just like a balsa crank but exhibit the durability of a traditional plastic lure


The RPM features an ultra durable circuit board bill


As we looked up we caught a glimpse of a reel with plenty of "bling"

Next Section: What is that gold reel? 











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