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Enthusiast Review

TackleTour's Legion of SuperTTuned SuperReels: Enabled by Office ZPI (continued)

#7 Shimano Metanium MG7: One of my favorite characters from the world of DC Comics is The Flash. Obviously, a reel worthy of the fastest man alive would have to be from the recent crop of super highspeed 7:1 retrieve ratio reels. Zillion 100SHL you say? A tad too obvious. Time to spice up a Shimano! What better candidate to superttune in honor of The Flash than the new Shimano Metanium MG7?


Shimano Metanium MG7 Upgrades

Spool Stock N/A
Bearings Stock N/A
Handle Bassart 90mm Carbon $90
Knobs Stock N/A
Drag Stock N/A
Paint ZPI Custom $135 (one color + disassembly & reassembly)
Approximate Cost of Upgrades


Shimano Metanium MG7, Flash Edition!


I was actually a bit worried how this reel might turn out remembering the old, red Shimano Curado reels and how I did not care for their appearance. ZPI alleviated all those worries though and really delivered a fantastic, deep, metallic red finish that is absolutely exquisite. I dressed it up further with an aftermarket carbon handle by Bassart (90mm), but of course, retained the stock Shimano ergo grips. Total cost for this project? $215.

ZPI's custom paint service turned out exceptionally well on this reel

If Shimano and Daiwa collaborated on a reel, this might be it!

#8 Daiwa Zillion 100PL Crazy Cranker: Finally, rounding out this legion of superreels is a superttuned Daiwa Zillion Crazy Cranker in honor of the Green Lantern. This reel was originally purchased used and abused and has received a complete overhaul even though the majority of parts are still stock.


Shimano Metanium MG7 Upgrades

Spool Stock N/A
Bearings Stock N/A
Handle I'ZE 90mm Swept Carbon $100
Knobs Stock N/A
Drag Stock N/A
Paint ZPI Custom $155 (two colors + disassembly & reassembly)
Approximate Cost of Upgrades


In brightest day, in darkest night...


This was the first Zillion reel ZPI had ever touched. In fact, they were hesitant and almost refused to paint it because of all the intricate parts that make up the reel overall. With a bit of reassurance that I did not mind if the reel ended up unusable afterwards, and that I was happy to contribute to their learning curve, they finally agreed and dove right in. Boy did they deliver. Once it came back, the only additional upgrade I performed was to throw on a swept carbon handle by I'ZE, and there it is. Total cost, $255.

No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!


Availability of Office ZPI services: Now the bad news. While ZPI is fully committed to their new custom painting and reel overhaul service offering, this custom service is available only in Japan through an approved tackle store. There's a chance some of the online vendors based in Japan can help with this hurdle, so it pays to ask around if something like this interests you. Otherwise, Office ZPI is simply not equipped to take singular orders from individuals outside of Japan due to communication barriers and shipping hassles.


Office ZPI Tuning Products & Services used in this article

Spools Mg Tuning Spools w/ SiC Bearings $140
Bearings SiC Replacements $40
Handles 85 mm carbon $70
Custom Paint One Color $100
Custom Paint Two Colors $120
Assembly & Disassembly of Reels Not including parts replacement $35

The end result of winter blues at TT HQ


Conclusion: Care to do the math and add together all the totals? Maybe throw in the cost to acquire the reels too? I certainly do not. This winter project was a costly one but one that was well worth the effort. Not only have I breathed new life into some underappreciated pieces of tackle, but I now have some very unique and personalized fishing reels I can cherish for a long time to come. Of course, my daughter has already claimed the custom pink Alphas and my son is all about the Met MG7 Flash edition, so maybe it's time to put together another box to send to off to Japan! Special thanks goes out to Mayumi Kato of Office ZPI for her help in executing my order and making this article possible. Only on TackleTour, would a tackle enthusiasts go to such superttuning extremes. But hey, it's almost time for that late winter, early spring bite out here in California, so time to spool up some of these bad boys and see what they've got!










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