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Sight Fishing with Pro Angler Jared Lintner and G.Loomis (continued)


Jared would approach the bass cautiously then when he knew the fish was pretty locked down onto the bed would circle the fish with the boat until both his boat and us acted as a barrier from the wind, only then would he deploy his powerpoles. Within a minute the water would start to settle behind the boat and we could better perceive the fish. In one such instance though we were able to isolate the bass from the wind no matter what plastics we threw at the fish or how many times we bumped it she remained cool and collected, never once turning or charging the bait.


Bruce catches the male and the female moves onto the bed

Jared decided it was time to once again mix things up and pulled out a Jackall Gantarel bluegill swimbait. He retrieved the swimbait past the bed and let it pause in front of the fish, but while it seemed to be intrigued it didn’t do much more then swim towards the bait only to turn away. Jared decided to go vertical and tied a leader and a weight onto the second line tie on the Gantarel. He cast the swimbait past the fish and proceeded to walk it towards the fish. By jerking his E6X rod tip the bait literally looked like it was bouncing back and forth like a large drop shot. When he got to the bed he stopped the bait and moved it up and down. From my vantage point it looked like the bluegill was literally feeding on the bed, and that must have been what the fish thought too because it didn’t take more than a few second before she charged the bait viscously and was caught. This highlighted one of Jared’s sight fishing tactics, to not be afraid to mix it up and use a variety of different bait types and sizes in an effort to trigger aggression.


Jared shows us the Jackall Gantarel rigged with a dropper

One of Jared’s favorite E6X rods for sight fishing is the 7’5” 894C FPR (Flip/Punch Rod) which he used all week to toss heavy rigged creatures and tubes at sight fish. He likes the rod’s ability to manage fish in heavy cover and the tight quarters much like the docks we fished for example. He also commented that he likes how the rod still feels crisp and lightweight even though is such a heavy powered stick.


With a weight and leader the Gantarel fishes very differently, much like a giant drop shot

As I logged more time on the water with the E6X rods I continued to find them rather impressive for their price point. Comparing them to the NRX Series in terms of sensitivity is an apples to oranges comparison, but when compared to other rods at the 200 dollar price point they certainly seem like they can hold their own. They deliver reasonable sensitivity, excellent balance and plenty of durability all key attributes that mainstream anglers are looking for.


Jared lands a nice fish with the E6X swimbait rod

I also continue to wonder how these rods are affecting other G.Loomis Series entry series rods, and with the initial success of these sticks it wouldn’t be a surprise if G.Loomis rolled out additional actions over the coming season. When comparing rod to rod with the E6X versus the GL2 Series I almost always preferred the action and feel of the newer, and more affordable, E6X Series.


Jared shows us the moderate fast taper of the E6X 7'4" swimbait rod

When it comes to cosmetics the E6X also wins versus the more conservatively styled GL2 Series hands down. The bright green threading used on the E6X rods may not appeal to all G.Loomis fans but at least it has a lot of personality and is instantly recognizable, something that I like a lot about the original NRX (blue threaded) Series.


Clear Lake proved to be an excellent testing ground for the E6X rods

As usual Clear Lake proved to be a great testing ground, and the fish that Jared was able to put us on really put the G.Loomis E6X rods to the test. I was surprised that we didn’t break a single rod the way we were loading up on the rods, and there were times when we boat flipped fish that I was sure we were going to snap a tip, but the rods held up to the pressure. We didn’t catch huge numbers over the two day period but we caught quality with over ten fish that weighed more than five pounds, and Bruce landed the largest fish on an E6X rod with a white lizard, which weighed in at 9.55 pounds.


The biggest fish of the trip was caught by Bruce with an E6X rod and a white lizard right off a bed

I had two key takeaways from the time on the water with Jared and Bruce, and the first was that the new E6X rods are here to play. I had previously had the opportunity to fish them at La Perla Ranch in Texas prior to the launch, and my original thoughts of the rods were only reinforced now that I have more time to fish a wider range of E6X rods, and on my home water. These rods are worthy of the G.Loomis name and offer a good balance of features and performance, and at the 200 dollar price point are a great entry into the brand for anglers that up till now may have found the high cost of G.Loomis rods too great a barrier.


The new E6X rods offer plenty of performance at the lowest price point of any G.Loomis rod yet

The second takeaway was that what I called “sight fishing” was just the tip of the iceberg and I probably need glasses after getting downright schooled by Jared on the water. Sight fishing, like any technique, takes time and patience to get good at. No two bodies of water are exactly the same but principles like how to spot attributes of fish, maintaining the right distance, a stealthy approach, effectively blocking out current and light wind, and not being afraid to mix it up when it comes to lure selection in an effort to get fish to commit, are all things that are worth practicing if you want to successfully bed fish.

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