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Sony Action Cam and Live View Remote: It seems like everyone is jumping on the outdoor camera bandwagon and Sony flexes their muscles with the new Action Cam which records full HD video with rich 60Mbps data, and also features some of the most advanced SteadyShot image stabilization seen to date. The camera also has a built in stereo mic with wind noise reduction.


The Sony Action Cam is designed to be worn wherever your adventures take you


Sony already has a huge variety of accessories for the Action Cam and users can access a plethora of different options, underwater housings, chest mounts, car mounts, and even a dog mount! The Action Cam by itself is already splash proof and retails for $299.99 each.


Mount one on your car, ATV, Kayak and control up to five of them with a single remote


The Sony Action Cam offers extreme versatility with the ability to control up to 5 action cams via a smartphone or Sony LiveView remote. This new master remote allows users to watch the action as it is being recorded making it possible to control your Action Cam units in real-time.


The Live View Remote allows anglers to control multiple Action Cams in realtime, seeing exactly what they are seeing and recording


The Sony Live View Remote is also waterproof and shockproof so you have no fear of getting down and dirty with the rest of your gear. The remote can be worn right on your wrist for convenience, and will retail for $149.99 when it becomes available in the next few months.


Just some of the many accessories that Sony already offers for the Action Cam


Garmin VIRB: Most anglers probably know Garmin best for their GPS/Fishfinder units but the company is also getting into the HD video recorder business with their VIRB Series. Garmin VIRB looks much more rugged than most cameras and is capable of 1080p HD video recording and taking pictures with a 16megapixel CMOS image processor.


Garmin enters the HD recording arena with the VIRB


A 1.4" full color Chroma display is on the top of the unit making it easier to setup and play back video. It is designed to be always on during operation but also use minimal power when doing so. Unlike many other cameras that seem to run out of juice just when the action heats up the VIRB has a class leading 1000 mAH lithium-ion battery that is designed to last 3 hours when recording 1080p video.


The VIRB has a built in 1.4" display and a high sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and barometric altimeter


Since the VIRB is from Garmin you probably guessed that it comes with GPS and Wi-Fi capability. The GPS is used for data stamping which automatically records movements for you to review and the W-Fi enables users to access the camera with a smartphone or computer so you can image preview or adjust settings and record and stop the camera or remotely snap still images, even when the VIRB is recording. The VIRB is available now for $269.99 and there is also a variety of accessories to help you mount the camera to whatever gear you desire. 


The VIRB is shown at the show mounted to a helmet, the options really are endless

Thanks for joining us on our whirlwind look at some of these cutting edge outdoor products this CES. Chances are your reading this very article on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, which makes you a “connected” angler. The last few years has brought an amazing amount of innovation and that trend will only continue as manufacturers try and introduce new technologies and gadgets that plug into our daily lives.


Getting on the flight back to the Bay Area from Las Vegas and Zander checks his FitBit. 24,063 steps or approximately 11.25 miles walked mostly on the CES show floor


While there is definitely something that can be said about leaving all your electronics at home, going fishing and simply “unplugging,” there is no doubt that most of us will leverage some of this technology as we seek new ways to enjoy, track and monitor our experiences in the outdoors moving forward.










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