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Behind the Scenes

An Inside Look: The TackleTour Lab - Bring Up  (continued)

Is there anything worse than busting up tile after tile? We didn't think there could be anything tougher during this job but we were wrong. After removing all the tile we were left with grout and mortar all over the floor and using a combination of scrapers, sanders and good old fashioned chisels we spent the next few days on the ground toiling away.

Zander thinking "I would rather be fishing"


We have officially entered "tile hell"


All the tile finally removed, the hardest work has to be done, right?


Loading tile for disposal


The garbage goes here


Prepping the floor to remove the leftover grout and mortar


We were wrong, this is officially worse than removing tile


Cal removes the last of the mortar


Zander patches up the damage to the foundation


After treating the concrete it is time to lay down the epoxy shop floor


The floor is looking good, time to start thinking about construction


Next Section: Finally the lab construction can begin











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