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Swimbait (Megabass Vatalion): Lures of Unusual Size (L.O.U.S.) are real and here to stay. Our Gift Guide pick in this category is a bait that defies categorization. Megabass of America's Vatalion walks a fine line between lipless crank and swimbait but fits nicely within our category of an L.O.U.S..

Lure of Unusual Size : Megabass of America Vatalion

It's big, rather awkward and flat out catches fish and would make an excellent stocking stuffer for that fisherman that defies categorization on your list. Megabass of America's Vatalion is available at TackleWarehouse for $29.99.

Soft Plastic Swimbait : Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad

Soft Plastic Swimbait (Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad): If there is one bait that has risen to must have status in your tackle box over the last ten years it is the soft bodied, paddletail swimbait. Our pick in this category for this year is the Editor's Choice Award winning Suicide Shad by Big Bite Bait company. As if they knew we the bait was going to make the list, just in time for the Holidays Big Bite Baits has introduced a new, seven inch version of the Suicide Shad. Be sure to check out all 13 colors and the varying size options at TackleWarehouse.

Buzzbait : River2Sea Double Plopper

Buzzbait (River2Sea Double Plopper): Probably the coolest and most innovative buzzbait to be introduced in the last few seasons the River2Sea Double Plopper takes the proven Whopper Plopper tail design and creates a buzzbait quite unlike any other.

The R2S Double Plopper weedless buzzbait causes a ruckus as it is pulled over weed mats or open water and can even be completely paused because unlike other buzzbaits it has the ability to float!

This innovative buzzbait is easy to fish and comes armed with 2X R2S hooks to handle aggressive strikes. The bait is deadly effective and fish hit it so hard that the wire will bend. We haven't had any break on us yet and bending back the wire is a small price to pay for a lure that delivers strikes and big fish. There are twelve different patterns available at TackleWarehouse and a baits retail from $12.88 to $18.99 depending on whether you go with the 158 or 180 size.

Topwater Prop Bait : PH Custom Ploppin' P

Topwater Prop Bait (PH Custom Ploppin' P): Every now and then we see a bait during the annual ICAST show that intrigues us. Such was the case this past year with PH Custom Lure's Ploppin' P. This topwater plug features a balsa wood main body with a metal prop that produces a familiar plopping action but because the blade is metal, it can be tuned for more or less splash as desired. PH Custom Bait's Ploppin' P is available at TackleWarehouse for $19.99.

Topwater Walker : Reaction Innovations Vixen

Topwater Walker (Reaction Innovations Vixen): Fresh off our new The Walking Bait feature, Reaction Innovation's renewed and reborn Vixen is our pick for a stocking stuffer walker for its long casting and easy walking action. Reaction Innovation's Vixen topwater bait is available in up to ten different colors at TackleWarehouse for $14.99

Wakebait : Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck

Wakebait (Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck): Fish for largemouth during the Spring long enough and your bound to see a duckling fall prey to a bucketmouth. The sight of a duckling getting taken is enough to get your heart to skip a beat.

Based on the actual scan of a 3D duck the Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck is one of the easiest and most entertaining topwater wakebaits to fish.

As it is retrieved the two spinning fish churn the water ringing the dinner bell for bass that have developed a taste for duck. When they strike there is both a top and bottom hook hanger to ensure that strikes equal landed fish. There are two sizes available, the 1oz. 4 1/4" bait and the much larger 2 3/4oz. 6" bait. Both are available now at TackleWarehouse for $14.98-$19.99. We dare any angler that receives one of these crazy yet effective baits not to smile as they envision those monster suicide strikes.

Popping Bait : DUO Realis FangPop

Popping Bait (DUO Realis FangPop): DUO Realis has a knack for creating baits that fish just as good as they look. The FangPop is a full sized popper that is designed to take on the biggest and baddest predatory fish.

The FangPop's reinforced extra thick plastic construction inspires confidence but it is the fully wired through body that ensures that this bait will stay in one piece when hammered by bass, stripers, and even Peacocks.

Armed with 2X treble hooks and extra robust steel split rings the FangPop will stand up to any fish that dares take it on as it is popped or walked across the surface. Available in four patterns the FangPop retails for $23.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Frog : Jackall Kaera

Frog (Jackall Kaera): One of the best stocking stuffers you can give is the gift of topwater frogging action. Nothing is quite like a strike on a soft bodied frog, they are viscous and memorable. New for this season is the beautifully designed Jackall Kaera.

The Kaera frog is designed not only to entice fish to strike but to keep them pinned as well with specially designed hooks that are angled against the sleek body to improve strike to catch ratios.

This frog is also one of the easiest to walk with a flat sided body that carves through the water and cuts through vegetation with ease. There are six different colors to pick from, including some excellent Gill patterns. The Kaera is the hot frog from Jackall right now and retails for only $9.99 each at TackleWarehouse. For the frog enthusiast on your list this is one soft bodied bait that you don't want to miss.

Stay tuned for Cyber Monday and Part 3 as we delve into our final picks in the Line, Terminal Tackle, Storage and Apparel categories










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