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Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Ring in the Holidays with New Reel, Rods, and Baits (continued)


Freshwater Creature Rod (Kistler Rods Helium M.A.D.) : Finding just the right rod to suit your creature fishing needs can be a difficult task. FLW Pro, Mark Daniels Jr. solved it by having a rod built to his specifications by Kistler Custom Rods. The great thing is, now you can have that exact same stick. The signature series Mark Antony Daniels Jr. (M.A.D.) He3-711MAD is a seven foot eleven (7'11") heavy powered stick with a moderate taper rated up to three ounces in lure weight.


Freshwater Creature Rod : Kistler Rods Helium He3-711MAD - $289.00 at Hi's Tackle Box

This means it can easily double as a stick for big baits too and that moderate taper is perfect for moving baits as well as punching techniques where you don't want too fast an action on your rod or you risk pulling the hook out of the fish's mouth when its buried under deep cover. The He3-711MAD from Kistler Custom Rods retails for $289.00 and is sold exclusively at Hi's Tackle Box.

Freshwater Cranking Reel : Abu Garcia Orra Winch - $99.99 at TackleWarehouse

Cranking Reel (Abu Garcia Orra Winch) : Abu Garcia has taken the popular ergonomics of their Revo reels and are now offering more budget friendly versions of their more popular subseries in the Orra line. The new Orra Winch is case in point featuring 8 bearings, an aluminum alloy frame, brass gears, graphite sideplates, and that all too important, slow retrieve ratio of the original Revo Winch that's so well suited for crankbait and big bait fishing. The best feature of the 5.4:1 gear ratio Orra Winch is it retails for only $99! Find it now for that crankbait fisherman on your list at TackleWarehouse.


Cranking Rod : Denali Lithium XH Magnum Crank- $199.99 at TackleWarehouse

Cranking Rod (Denali Lithium XH Magnum Crank): Cranking has gone through a revival the last couple of years especially with the advent of the super deep diving, L.O.U.S. cranks like Strike King's 10XD and Lucky Craft's SKT Mag series cranks. But with the advent of new capability cranks, comes the need for a stick with which to fish these new baits. This last year at ICAST, we were introduced to Denali's new line of Lithium sticks. The one that caught our eye? Their 7'10" extra heavy MAG cranking stick. Retaling for just $199 at TackleWarehouse, the Lithium Magnum Crank would make a nice surprise for that crankbait fisherman on your list.

Crankbait : Megabass S Crank - $19.99 - $22.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box

Crankbait (Megabass S Crank): The S Crank is Megabass's first lure to spring from their touted Support to Win or STW program. Here, the company leverages the needs, experience, and tuning tips of their high level bass pros to first, build products the pros need to win on tour, and then bring those lures to market. After years of behind the scenes development, the S Crank was born. It mimics the erratic behavior of balsa wood square bills except in a more consistent manner because they're molded out of high grade plastic. Megabass's S Crank is available in three sizes and would make an awesome stocking stuffer for the more finicky fisherman on your list. You can find them at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box.

Topwater Bait : River2Sea Whopper Plopper - $12.99 - $20.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's TackleBox

Topwater Bait (River2Sea Whopper Plopper) : One product that is quietly taking the country by storm is a lure that was designed by renowned big fish hunter Larry Dahlberg. The Whopper Plopper, made by River2Sea, comes in three sizes and represents a cross between a topwater cigar bait and a buzzbait. It buzzes across the surface like a buzzbait, but you can pause it like a plug because it is a plug. You can rip it, make it dance, and then start your retrieve and buzz it all the way back to you. We're still learning this bait, but hear it talked about all the time amongst the pros. Does that fisherman on your list enjoy topwater fishing? Silly question, right? Get this bait on your list and in their stockings! The Whopper Plopper can be found at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box and retails for between $12.99 - $20.99 depending on the size.

Bust out the eggnog because were just getting warmed up, stay tuned for part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide where we list our picks for Swimbaits, Line, and Enthusiast Tackle










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