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Bass Jam '09 Preview : What's Cookin' with Rago Baits

Date: 10/29/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Rago Baits
Reviewer: Cal





Introduction: In a few short weeks the inaugural Bass Jam consumer tackle show will take place in Cotati, California on the grounds of Outdoor Pro Shop’s new headquarters building. This event promises to be pack full of new gear and informative seminars for the bass fishing public. As the event draws nearer and nearer, we’re getting wind of products set to debut at the event from a variety of manufacturers. One of these companies not only got in touch with us to talk about what they have in store for the event, but they sent us a box load of prototype product to show us.

Jerry Rago is working on a new line of baits with an action for everyone.

Well, you know what happens when we get some exciting new product and are given free reigns to talk about it... that’s right, we share it with you. Here’s a sneak peak at what Jerry Rago has in store to debut for Bass Jam ’09.


Here's his new, soon to be released soft bluegill with a top hook and double paddletail.

Maybe you prefer the single paddletail with ...


... a bottom hook.


Or maybe not?


Not only is he delivering bluegill baits with this option, but this new shad bait is also available with a double paddletail show here, or ...

... with the single paddletail here.


Note the protruding fins in the tradition of his Tool swimbaits.


These new baits will be available either with a line through design...


Or with something more traditional via the rigging shown on top.


 Rago is also set to release a soft bait with a baby bass profile.


Here are two baits with the traditional rigging installed...


... and a close-up of the tails on end ...


... and more in profile. Which do you prefer?


But softbaits are not all Rago has in store...


... there's a new generation of rodents afoot!


These new rodents offer more detail and a different swimming action than the Original Generic Rat.


Want to see what else Jerry Rago has up his sleeve? He will be debuting even more product than we've shown here at Bass Jam '09.


Conclusion: Final colors, prices, rigging options and more are all still being worked out prior to Bass Jam ’09, but it’s quite evident what Jerry Rago’s goals are with this new, diversified lineup. Understanding that each angler looks for something different in every single bait, and that fishing conditions change on a continual basis, Rago is busy designing and building products that present an action for everyone. Of course, he’s not done yet either. There were a few other products he told us about that we are not at liberty to discuss. Want to find out what they are? Meet you at his booth at Bass Jam ’09.


To find out more about BassJam 09 check out their site.










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