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PRODUCTTPREVIEW : Italian Company Molix Joins the Bait Craze

Date: 2/18/10
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal




Introduction: There was a definite international flavor at ICAST 2009. Even with the down economy, we’re seeing more and more international products making their way to North American shores. Afterall, fishermen are always looking for an extra edge and no where is this more apparent than with baits. Tired of the same ole same ole? One company is hoping to change that. We may have missed them at last year’s ICAST, but this new to North America bait company promises to make things interesting on tackle store shelves starting in February 2010. Introducing our look into Molix and their “IDM” (Italian Domestic Market) baits!

Molix is a company out of Italy ready to make a splash on North American shores.

Brigante: One of the biggest splashes in the bass bait space in recent years was made by Sebile’s Magic Swimmer. Molix’s Brigante (Italian for “bandit”) is reminiscent of the Magic Swimmer only with an extra joint right at the head. This bait is available in 160mm and 110mm sizes. Both baits are made in a slow sink configuration only and can be retrieved on a steady crank or stop, go, erratic retrieve. The bait is available in ten standard colors.


Their Brigante is available in two sizes and is a three jointed minnow style bait.

The most curious joint on this bait is its first, right at the head.

Brugas: The Brugas is a solid bodied, shad profile bait built for fresh and saltwater use in any kind of weather conditions. Thanks to its profile, and its internal weight system, this bait can be cast into the strongest of winds on the roughest waters with accuracy. It’s a sinking bait made to fish like jerkbait and has a flat and wide, side to side wobbling action. The bait is available in thirteen standard colors.


The Brugas is a shad profile jerk bait.

MaderAlive: Big bait aficionados have not been left out by Molix. In this segment, the company offers a hand carved bait from Japanese cedar that features a diving bill and one joint. Each section of the MaderAlive is made from differing densities of wood to give the bait a unique buoyancy and swimming action. The bait is made to swim true at any speed or cadence of retrieve and is rated to dive up to two meters in depth. It is available in five standard colors and features all stainless steel components.


The MaderAlive is a hand carved big bait.


The TJerk is a fresh and saltwater jerkbait...


TJerk: Available in 117mm and 80mm sizes, the TJerk is a fresh and saltwater, multispecies bait designed to mimic a fleeing baitfish. It has a unique, hexagonal cross section made to offer up distinctive flashes when the bait is in motion. Glass rattles, premium hooks and a double coat finish round out the features of the TJerk which is available in thirteen standard colors.

... featuring a hexagonal cross section.


The Jubar is a more traditional jerkbait.


Jubar: Molix’s Jubar jerkbait is a slimmer profile bait offered in three different configurations. The Jubarino is 50mm in length while the original Jubar Smart is 85mm and the single jointed Jubar is a 90mm bait. Each are available in a different set of colors ranging from nine choices for the Jubarino to thirteen for the Jubar Smart, and fourteen for the single jointed Jubar.


The Sculpo reminds us of the Megabass Cyclone.

But this diving lip looks like it means serious business.


Sculpo: Resembling the Cyclone crank out of the Megabass camp, the Sculpo is a 55mm length crank available in both silent and rattling, and MR and DR diving configurations . It is designed to fish through cover and not get hung up. The Sculpo is available in thirteen different color patterns.


The Cursor is a soft bodied swimbait...


Cursor: Last but not least in our producTTpreview is the bait that won Molix the EFTTEX 2008 best new soft bait lure award. The Cursor is a sunfish profile softbait rigged with two bottom hooks and a willow blade. It is touted as a weedless swimbait with a unique rigging that keeps its exposed hooks up and out of the way while the bait is in motion. It is available in several sizes from the original 70 mm to the mini 50mm to the magnum 95 mm. All three sizes are available in fourteen different colors.


... and won the company "Best New Soft Bait" at the 2008 EFTTEX.


Conclusion: We’ve but touched the surface of the Molix offering which includes a series of spinnerbaits, jigs, soft plastics, and jigging irons. Molix offers a line of terminal tackle too that includes egg shaped snaps reminiscent of Decoy. Prices are still yet to be determined on all their tackle items to be sold in North America, but the folks over at Molix tell us they hope to begin exporting product to our shores in February of 2010 and to help kick things off properly, they've signed none other than Mike Iaconelli as their new pro-staff spokesperson.










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