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Jackall Prepares to Launch New Hard and Softbaits at ICAST 2015


Date: 7/9/15
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Zander




Introduction: Jackall is known for both the quality and detail in design of both their hard and softbaits, and this ICAST the brand is going for a one-two punch with introductions in both categories. While these new lures will be officially introduced next week at ICAST in Orlando we take a hands on look at the new Jackall Jaco crankbaits and ChunkCraw creature bait now.


Meet Jackall's newest hardbait the Jaco 58MR

Jaco 58MR: Jackall already has a large assortment of crankbaits in their arsenal, just think about some of their most popular baits including the ASKA, Bling or Cherry... what possibly could they add to this lineup? The new Jaco 58MR is designed to be a finesse crankbait that is effective in cooler water when the reaction bite can be tough.


The Jaco features impressive details including an internal weight transfer system and high quality finishes


All of the scale patterns are actually on the inside of the bait


Utilizing a moving weight system the Jaco is designed to cast long distances very accurately. It will dive down to 6 feet making it a good choice for running over submerged timber and grass. The Jaco features an internal scale pattern finish for increased reflection underwater, drawing attention to itself with every wobble.


The lures feature a rather slim profile and a mid sized lip that helps it get down 6 feet quickly

The Jaco 58MR cranks will be available in eight colors including IS lime chartreuse, ghost wakasagi, TO craw, TO muddy shad, TO ghost shad, IS bluegill, IS ghost scale and SK silver shiner. The Jaco crankbaits will retail for $14.99 each.


At rest the Jaco 58MR floats

ChunkCraw: Jackall already has a crawfish style bait with the CoverCraw which is a combination between a tube and creature bait. The Chunkcraw goes in a different direction and features a much sleeker profile.


Jackall's new creature bait is the ChunkCraw


With plenty of appendages that catch the water the ChunkCraw also features a realistic looking underbelly

The ChunkCraw is all about versatility and is offered in two sizes, a 3.5” and 4” version, and eight different colors. This new bait is designed to be fished by itself Texas rigged or as a jig trailer, flipped or even as a punchbait.


The lure sinks very evenly and can be used as a finesse bait, trailer or even a punch lure


The ChunkCraw will be available in eight colors include green pumpkin pepper, watermelon pepper, black blue, SI orange, green pumpkin chartreuse, Southern Delight, SG Craw, and B.A.S.S. Elite Pro Jared Lintner even has a special signature purple and orange pattern called the “JL craw.” The ChunkCraw will be available in packs of 5 for a retail price of $4.99 each.


B.A.S.S. Pro Angler Jared Lintner has his own special pattern

One more…a bite sized Pompadour: The current Pompadour is a quirky bait that is a new take on a classic topwater lure that utilizes metal appendages to create an absolute ruckus on the surface. The bait is actually surprisingly fun to fish but there are times when the 76.2 mm bait (3 inches) is just too big and intimidating. For those days when a smaller bait is the ticket Jackall is introducing a smaller version called the Pompadour Jr. The Pompadour Jr. is noticeably smaller at 66mm (2.59 inches) in length but is designed to create the same type of aggressive swimming action that either draws fish up to bite or annoys them into crushing this topwater “noisy bait.”


Like the Pompadour topwater bait but want something a little smaller? Jackall answers the call with the new 66mm Pompadour Jr.

Now that Shimano and Jackall have teamed up the company seems to be accelerating the introduction of new baits designed to address domestic angling styles and applications and this ICAST whether you are looking to fish up on top, in the shallow water, or make contact all the way on the bottom, Jackall has you covered.









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