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Versatility and Value - Shimano's New Miravel Spinning Reel


Date: 7/21/22
Tackle Type: Reels
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: While the Stella FK took home top freshwater reel honors in the ICAST Best of Show showcase Shimano also stealthily launched a brand new spinning reel designed for versatility and value called the Miravel.


Clean lines on the new Miravel spinning reel


Mira-what? Not much was known about the Miravel before it debuted and yet this reel will likely be a hot seller later this year as it offers many of the features found in Shimano's higher-end spinning reels at a significantly lower price point.


The Miravel is the newest member of the MagnumLite Series and sports many of the same features as reels retailing for much more


The Miravel is a clean looking reel built on a CI4+ carbon infused body and magnumlite rotor. At the core of this reel is a cold forged hagane gear, silentdrive, and X-ship. The reel is also sealed at the roller clutch, frame, and line roller so that it can be used in inshore applications.



The Miravel is another reel to make use of the CI4+ frame


The Miravel is designed to be a quality caster and makes use of the propulsion line management system and when it comes to fighting fish anglers will find the proven cross carbon drag. Is all this sounding familiar? It should, as many of these same features that can be found in the Ultegra reels and above. The Miravel will be available in 1000 to 5000 sizes and all come with 5BB + 1RB, and a retrieve ration of 6.2:1 in all but the smallest 1000 size which has a 5.0:1 retrieve ratio. Best thing of all is the Miravel is a reel designed for the masses and will retail for only $129-$139 dollars when it starts shipping this October.


Designed with Versatility and Value in mind the Miravel will retail for as low as $129 dollars


Our Quick Take: While halo reels like the Stella FK get all the attention we are seeing a trend this ICAST where many reel and rod manufacturers are making an effort to introduce new products at new more aggressive price points. Supply chains and labor issues have wreaked havoc on reel availability over the last year and it is good to see products like the Miravel that are being made accessible to the mainstream market. While the Miravel will not incite envy like the Stella FK it certainly has the features to bring plenty of fish to the boat.


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