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Abu Garcia Refreshes Revo Spinning Lineup and Brings the Speed with a New Rocket Reel (continued)


The largest smallmouth I caught with the redesigned Revo SX was just over 4lbs. and the new reel felt solid and confident throughout the battle. The updated design cues from the Zenon, including the compact spool, body, and v-rotor, all translate well in the aluminum framed reel. The larger gear in the better isolated frame also provides a noticeably smoother crank than Revo Series 2 reels.


Notice the asymmetrical body design and enlarged gearbox


Anglers that already liked the Zenon reels will also like the asymmetrical compact body design on the new Revo reels, while others may take a little more time to get used to the styling. I personally like the more edgy look of these new reels, and definitely think the performance benefits are worth the refresh in-itself.


I was able to catch a few nice smallies on the new Revo reels including fish over 4lbs. Champlain rocks!


The Revo SX will be available in four sizes from 10-40, a 6.2:1 gear ration, the asymmetrical X-craftic body re-design, oversized gearing, and an 8+1 HPCR bearing system. All Revo SX sizes will retail for $169.95. Below the workhorse SX is the more value-oriented Revo X which has the same form factor and is differentiated with a lighter finish and orange anodized highlights. This reel is slightly heavier than the SX (7.7oz. versus 7.6oz. in the 30 size), has two less bearings, and will retail for $119.95. Anglers looking for more power will be interested in the Revo Winch spinning reel which is very similar to the SX in specification but comes in a slower, and more powerful, 4.8:1 gear ratio. The Winch will retail for the same price of $169.95 dollars.


Perhaps the most interesting of all the new Revo SP reels is the blazing fast new Rocket SP which is the new flagship of the Series 3 Revo reels. The Rocket is instantly identifiable with a deep red finish and even though it has the fastest retrieve (7.6:1) it is also the lightest at 7.5oz. (30 size).


The Revo Rocket paired with the new Fenwick Elite Series rods


Made possible with the new body design and oversized gear the Revo Rocket is designed to be both fast and powerful. My biggest concern with a spinning reel this fast is that it might lack torque under the pressure of a hard running fish.


MLF Pro Angler Adrian Avena muscles in a Smallie


The Champlain smallies were eager to put the Rocket to the test and during my time with Justin Atkins and Adrian Avena we caught over 60 fish on the new Rocket alone, and my initial impressions of the reel are positive when it comes to the execution of the oversized gearing and the balance of speed and torque the new reel provides.


The Rocket is an interesting spinning reel in that it can be used for applications where maximizing time in the strike zone yields more bites. For example when fishing a worm over a large flat or long point or drop shotting in deep water. When it comes to keeping up with fast fish like these Champlain Smallies the Rocket was up to the challenge.


Adrian searching for fish with the Flogger


When fishing with Adrian we explored another application where the Rocket's raw speed helped keep fish pinned. I had never fished with a Lurecraft Flogger before, an underwater viewer tool that many tournament anglers are familiar with, and basically looks like a traffic cone with a lens at the end.


I had never fished with a Flogger before and Adrian showed how it was done converting each fish in 1-2 minutes with the Revo Rocket and various PowerBait lures including the Maxscent Lil' General Worm and Maxscent Tubes


Adrian would find areas where fish would be locked on structure or bedded up and use the flogger to confirm the fish's location, or view the smallmouth bass through the flogger to precisely position lures directly in front of the fish simultaneously. The entire process was not only entertaining but incredibly effective. I captured the entire process of Adrian fishing with the Revo Rocket and the Flogger where he successfully targeted and landed the smallmouth in minutes.


Andrew releasing a nice Bronzeback


I later had the opportunity to catch my first few "flogger" fish as well and found both the technique and the Revo Rocket's high speed gear ratio very interesting. With this technique you are literally on top of fish and the ability to keep up with them the second they inhale the bait is an advantage. One more technique to bring home to California. 


The Rocket is suitable for both finesse and power fishing techniques and has the speed and power to cover plenty of water with plastics or effectively work faster moving reaction baits


Besides flogging I found the Revo Rocket very good for eliminating time in dead water and also good for reaction baits, like jerkbaits, which also benefit from a brisk retrieve. The Rocket doesn't feel as effortless on startup as the Zenon, but it is noticeably smoother than the previous generation Revo reels, and it doesn't feel burdened during battles with even hard fighting smallies, which is a testament to the reel's oversized gearing.


Adrian caught a lot of smallmouth with the Revo Rocket and Powerbait Maxscent tubes


The Revo Rocket is the most feature-rich of all the new reels and comes with the same design cues from the Zenon, a 9+1 bearing system, and an oversized machined gear isolated within the asymmetrical x-craftic aluminum body. It will come in three sizes from 20-40 and all with a $199.95 price point.


I enjoyed fishing the newly refreshed Revo spinning reels, and especially the high speed Rocket, at Lake Champlain. The new reels are a significant upgrade over the last generation, both in performance and ergonomics


I look forward to putting the new Revo reels, and especially the Rocket SP, through the paces in a complete review after logging more time with them back home. My initial impressions after spending a few days on Lake Champlain with them is that they represent a significant upgrade in both features and styling over the current generation, and offer much improved overall ergonomics. Pure Fishing will be launching a number of new reels and rods this ICAST, but the complete redesign of the Revo spinning reels ranks high on the list of new product introductions for the Abu Garcia brand next week in Florida. All four of the new Revo SP reels will start becoming available at retailers in November.  









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