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Mythical Creatures, Legendary Baits : The Return of Nezumma (continued)

Originally offered in one of two sizes (medium @ five inches & large @ five and a half inches), the limited run frog pattern Nezumma Rat is a six and a half inch bait (excluding the tail) and every bit of four and a half ounces. It’s a hefty bait that, If you can imagine, is like a cross between an extra large MS Slammer and a Jerry Rago Generic Rat. It is an impressive bait to say the least with amusing detail around the head.

Such an exclusive bait deserves an equally exclusive combo - a Daiwa / Megabass Monoblock Bespoke Limited Racing Edition matched with a Daiwa Zillion Swimbait Stick and Daiwa Samurai Braid line.

Casting this bait is like any other large, heavy lure. Best results are had when employing the lob cast. Click over to begin your retrieve and one of two things can happen depending on the rate of your retrieve:

The Nezumma Rat is very enticing in the water.

Slow Retrieve: If the surface of the water is relatively calm, you can crawl this bait back to your position at a painstakingly slow pace. It begins to shake and wobble almost immediately making an audible "clack-clack-clack" sound as it swims, but the real action comes from its tail. This extra-long appendage will pick up on the action of the rear portion of the bait and amplify it by swimming in a very enticing s-pattern for as long as you keep the bait moving. It is quite the sight.

Details on the head that would make Disney proud.

Fast Retrieve: If there’s commotion on the top of water whether that be from wind, boat wakes, or otherwise, you can pick up the pace of your retrieve burn the lure back if you so choose and the Nezumma Rat will dive roughly six to eight inches below the surface – just a tad – and snake its way back to your position.

Make no mistake about it though, this is no Mickey Mouse lure.

Most lipped baits of this design, when burned back to your position, will dive anywhere from one to three feet in the water column – it’s just natural from the resistance being offered by the diving bill. But the Nezumma Rat is designed to stay as close to the surface as possible no matter the speed of your retrieve.

Just ask this striper how badly it wanted this meal!

Conclusion: Since sustained future runs of this bait are still in question, we’re stopping short of providing a full blown review for this bait. Instead, we’re simply making a belated announcement that the opportunity to own this almost mythical creation is still at hand. What’s more, the opportunity to own a very special version of this very bait is here but only for as long as supplies last. There are in existence 10 baits of the very same size and pattern you see in the images and photographs before you. Each of these baits are signed and numbered, but at the time of this writing, there were only eight of these baits left. Strike that, there are now only seven. It’s always nice to have a backup. Myths and legends aside, normally we reserve our coveted awards for tackle that we actually test and evaluate. Maybe it’s the fact this bait is covered in a TT-like color scheme, maybe it’s its exclusive status, maybe I’ve been affected by the madness. Whatever the case may be, the Limited Edition, Yellow Frog Pattern Nezumma Rat has earned TackleTour’s Ultimate Enthusiast Award!

Want to get your hands on this limited edition bait? There's only one place to get them... hookeduptackle.com.










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