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Roman Made Prepares to Introduce New Patterns Designed Specifically for the US Market


Date: 11/28/12
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Roman Made
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: Swimbaits continue to be a popular topic here at TackleTour and while the "craze" may have ended there are still many anglers that look for new hardbodied big baits to both collect and use to target those elusive lunkers. While there are a lot of outstanding swimbaits made right here in the U.S. there is also an increasing number of JDM baits now making their way to U.S. shores. One such brand that we have fished with success is Roman Made which comes to us from the shores of Lake Biwa, Japan.


Roman Made recognizes the opportunity in the US market and will soon be introducing new patterns specifically designed for domestic applications


Roman Made lures are among the most beautiful hand carved baits and feature a constancy that you would expect from a custom JDM manufacturer. While these baits are still relatively hard to come by there are some e-tailers now importing more of these baits. While patterns like Ayu seem to be universal, domestic anglers have thus far had to settle for patterns that were actually designed for overseas applications.

The most eagerly anticipated pattern has got to be the Trout


Well no longer. Roman Made seems to have recognized the potential for the US market and is planning on introducing three new patterns designed specifically for domestic anglers. Obviously the first pattern is that of a trout and the company will introduce a wide band trout pattern which should be popular among lunker hunters that are constantly tossing swimbaits wherever trout are stocked.



Roman Made will also debut a new Bluegill pattern


Other patterns will include the recognizable "Perch" which has a white belly that  transitions up into the perch striping as well as a new bluegill pattern which features a "gill" versus "blotch" pattern. These new patterns also come with more subtle tail colors than the bright pinkish-red that are found on the current baits.

The new finishes look just as polished as the bait's actual constructions are


These new finishes are more labor intensive to produce but should end up retailing for the same they do now, which is around 85 dollars for either the dual jointed Trick or single jointed Negotiator swimbaits. These US only colors will only be available domestically and the patterns can be had in both the Trick and Negotiator Series baits. According to Roman Made's US representative the first batch is going straight to Tackle Warehouse. We haven't seen them online yet but are eagerly hitting refresh. 


Update 12/5/12 - Tackle Warehouse has listed the new patterns in the Negotiator, Trick and Mother Series swimbaits










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