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Factory Tour : Inspiration, Respect, Honor, the Motivation that Fuels Megabass (continued)


TT: How difficult is it to cater to the specific anglers and their applications in each of these countries?


Y.Ito: It's a challenge certainly but not only because of the fishing requirements of each region. It is the goal of Megabass to go beyond these bare requirements and build tools that not only suit an angler's need in each country, but to build and design tools that inspire them to fish. To accomplish this, it takes great study of each target species, the techniques used to catch them, and all the cultural influences as to why things are done the way they are.

Here discussing Aaron's AOY achievement.

TT: TackleTour has many themes surrounding product reviews. One of these themes is titled "The Search For One". This campaign was established to answer one of the most common questions we receive on purchasing recommendations and that is if you could have only have one rod, reel, or lure to handle multiple applications, which product would you choose. With that theme in mind, if a customer was only able to purchase one rod within your existing lineup, which series of rods would you recommend they consider first and why?


During our interview, Yuki Ito and Yuskei Murayama discuss a prototype.


Yuki Ito breaks out his personal fishing rod to show us. It's another one of a kind stick built on an experimental blank - something he said he whipped up over a weekend.


Y.Ito: The ARMS series of rods is the most complete realization of the ideals we strive for at Megabass. Similar to the creations by katana sword smiths, the ARMS rods are very limited in number because each one is hand made using the best possible materials and components, the highest tech we have available, fused together with a simple yet refined aesthetic. This series is, by definition the most complete synthesis of all our goals.

Discussing cultural exchange amidst a showcase of awards and award winning products.

TT: I guess I should have framed the question more carefully, so let's start with the same question but step it down a notch and ask about rods that are more readily available and affordable to the consumer?


See that smile on Aaron Marten's face? This is what Yuki Ito hopes to inspire with each and every Megabass product.


Y.Ito: In this case, I recommend the original Destroyer line. This is the very core of Megabass and was the very first series of rods available. We now have been through three iterations of the original Destroyer concept and many of the older ones are now collected even by our employees. I have seen the cases with phase one, phase two, and phase three models.

As a thank you for accepting their invitation to visit Megabass Headquarters, Yuki Ito prepares three very special baits to autograph.

TT: Ok, now within the base Destroyer lineup, which rod would help someone best experience the entirety of the Megabass experience?


Y.Ito: If I were to choose just one rod, it would be F4-610X (Elseil). It is light, versatile and a great length for both bank fishing and boat fishing. This is a very popular model in our lineup and among the best selling Megabass rod here in Japan.

These baits are to be gifted to our readers.

TT: Yuki, thank you for the opportunity to sit down with you and give our readers even more insight into both you and your company. It has been an honor getting to know better. Is there anything you'd like to say to our audience?


Stay tuned to our Facebook Page to learn more about how you can win one of these autographed baits!


Y.Ito: It is my hope that by using Japanese products, and of course, Megabass products in particular, anglers are able to experience some of our culture and understand our way of fishing and life.


TackleTour would like to thank Yuki Ito & Yuskei Murayama, CEO and VP of Megabass of America respectively, for their invitation to tour their headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan and for taking the time to share with us, the cultural drive that motivates and inspires their design.


By receiving your feedback on our products, we in turn gain more insight to your culture, how you fish, what you use, and so on. It is this cultural exchange that I feel fortunate to be a part and enjoy facilitating by giving anglers products to experience the cultural and fishing influence that is the entirety of our designs.


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