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An Interview with Manabu Kurita, Largemouth Bass Co-World Record Holder (continued)

B.Hiroshima: After hooking the world record bass (caught on a live bluegill), how strong did the fish feel? How long did the fight last?

M.Kurita: I caught the world record bass in about 5m (15 feet) in depth near the bottom. It was a high-spirited fish and fought for about three minutes.

Deps Sidewinder The Slap Shot HGC-76XX rod, Daiwa Zillion reel,and Deps Knucklearm with B-Custom.

B.Hiroshima: What was your reaction once the fish was in the boat and who did you call first?

M.Kurita: I thought it was very large! I called Deps staffer Mr. Maeda first. The night before we spoke and he told me "I will be guiding clients on Lake Biwa tomorrow, but catch something huge, please call me!" so I did!

B.Hiroshima: With all the news surrounding your catch, what did you think leading up to the certification?

M.Kurita: I did not think this fish would be recognized as a record so I just did as I normally do and kept fishing.

Deps Huge Custom 75RF, Daiwa Zillion Anniversary Reel, and Deps Prop jig.

B.Hiroshima: What was your experience in dealing with the IGFA?

M.Kurita: The Deps staff helped me apply for certification. Following that, the IGFA investigators came over and examined the fish. I then took a lie-detector test, and soon after the bass was recognized. I am glad that the IGFA carefully examined the fish. I wish to express my gratitude to the Deps staff for being able to help with the application for the IGFA and the early report of the world record bass.

B.Hiroshima: With Bryan Shishedo's world record spotted bass (caught in 2001) and your largemouth World Record bass, there are now two world record bass that belong to Japanese anglers at the moment. How does this make you feel?

M.Kurita: I did not know about his fish. I have known that there are world record class bass in Japan so I have really tried to stay focused.

Deps Sidewinder The Super Border HGC-70XF rod,and a Hyper Football Jig with a Deathadder 6inch trailer.

B.Hiroshima: I've read on your blog that your fish has been mounted. Where do you keep the mount?

M.Kurita: It was in my home, but it is now being shown at various places in Japan.

Deps Sidewinder The Dom Driver HGC-77XR FE rod, Shimano Antares DC reel, and Kincoo 13inch.

B.Hiroshima: With the many big baits that have been hitting the market in Japan What are some baits you recommend to trophy hunters in America?

M.Kurita: I like the Mother swimbait by Roman Made Japan and the Deps Silentkiller and Slideswimmer. I want the Americans to use them and tell me their thoughts and experience fishing with them.

B.Hiroshima: What kind of setup do you use for the Roman Made Mother bait?

M.Kurita: I use the Deps "Huge-Custom" fishing rod, Daiwa Ryoga reel, and Toray 25lb line for the Mother Bait.

Manabu Kurita's Arsenal.

B.Hiroshima: I know many trophy bass hunters tinker and make their own lures. Do you feel it's important to keep showing the bigger smarter fish something different? if so what kind of lures?

M.Kurita: Yes, I think so. Different spinnerbaits, swim baits, rubber jigs, worms, and pork are all important.

B.Hiroshima: Many of the obsessed trophy hunters in America make their own lures. Are you by chance working on any baits that will be available?

M.Kurita: Yes I am working on a Bluegill, Crucian carp, Carp and Ayu.

Kurita with the previous Lake Biwa Record of 18.69 pounds.

B.Hiroshima: Have you fished outside of Japan? If you could fish anywhere in the world, where would it be?

M.Kurita: No, I have not fished outside of Japan, but I would very much like to go fishing with Mr. Mike Long at his home lake in California.

B.Hiroshima: What is your goal for the 2010 season?

M.Kurita: I want to fish for a bass that is heavier than Dottie.

B.Hiroshima: What is one piece of advice you can give to other aspiring trophy hunters?

M.Kurita: Keep chasing the world record!!

Kurita with the mounted, world record bass.

B.Hiroshima: I greatly appreciate your time and wish you luck on finding another World Record Bass. Are there any companies or people you would like to thank?

M.Kurita: I don't have any sponsors, but I have many supporters. I thank them so much! Deps, Roman Made Japan, Freedom, Onebite Onefish, SNIPEER, FINA, Battaman, Tobiuomaru.

TackleTour would like to thank Manabu Kurita for his time in this interview. Catch more of B.Hiroshima's "XtraChewy" musings on TackleTog.com. If you would like to learn more about M.Kurita, he has a blog that he updates frequently at http://worldrecord-giantbass.blogspot.com.









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