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Autopsy Article

The Mother of All Tackle Autopsies - Cutting Open a 400 Dollar Swimbait! (continued)


The hook hangers and joints are all joined together by a long wire that is inserted into the wooden bait and held in place with glue. These wires are over an inch long and after seeing them there is no doubt in our mind that they would be able to hold up to even the most viscous strikes from fish much larger than a trophy largemouth.


We are finally able to separate the two sections


Making the final cut

The Mother revealed not one or two but an entire series of lead weights. All of these weights are put in place at very specific depths and also glued firmly in place. All of the weights also appear to be different in size, which helps explain the very exact weighting work that is goes into making sure each bait swims just right.


The Mother's extremely intricate balancing system utilizes multiple weights of different sizes strategically placed within the lure's core


An example of how far the joint wire extends into the bait

The weights were all locked firmly in place and do not interrupt the wire hook hanger. We could see that after the lure was assembled a hole was drilled through the body and the weight to insert and glue the hook hanger firmly in place.


The hook hanger is threaded right through the weight


Clearly a lot of work, much more than we originally expected, goes into the construction of each one of these baits. The precision that goes into the woodwork, the weighting system, the finishing over the weight holes, and the paint finish are all exceptional.


The Roman Made Mother post autopsy


Conclusion: Is any bait really “worth” $400 dollars? The Mother really caters to a niche audience and falls into the category of a truly “exotic” swimbait. This bait is a huge investment, and I admit that each time I fished it I was equally excited and scared all at the same time. Excited that I was tossing an exotic bait, and simply imagining the beast that could take on the Mother was enough to get my heart going, and scared that I would lose the bait any one of a million heartbreaking ways. I’ve never double checked my knots so many times as I did when tossing this bait.


This was  one of the hardest, and by far most expensive, look inside a bait we have ever done. Truly the "Mother" of all tackle autopsies!


Cutting the Mother open was extremely painful but also equally enlightening. It is clear that a lot of labor goes into each and every single one of these baits. It starts with the premium materials but it is the precision of workmanship and intricate balancing system, all of which is done by hand by team members at Roman Made, which adds up to one very meticulously crafted fishable work of art.










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