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Autopsy Article

TackleTour Autopsy: Cracking Open the Rapala Clackin Crank (continued)


The construction was proving to be quite a challenge and I had to enlist the help from a pair of pliers to basically peel one side off from the other. This is one seriously well made bait and I was really impressed by how thick and durable both the finish and the actual plastic housing was.


Finally pliers had to be enlisted to peel apart the plastic exterior from the rattle


When I was finally able to separate the two halves we finally got our first look at the holographic foil which was actually not just a film but placed on a second housing sealed within the bait to create the perfect amount of flash directly beneath the lure's translucent outer shell from all angles. 


Our first look at the interior foil flash layer


Inside we also found a lead weight positioned at the bottom, this is what helps give the bait a forward angled stance in the water and also helps the bait run true. Rapala says that each and every one of these baits is "Hand-Tuned & Tank Tested" to swim perfectly right out of the box, and judging by the attention to detail we were seeing in this bait's construction we believe it. 


At the bottom of the bait is a lead insert


After breaking down the bait further we were finally able to extract the very heart of this lure, the rattle system. The rattle is housed within a metal cylinder and gives the bait a unique, and quite loud, clicking sound. 


A closer look at the rattle system


This distinctive rattle system is the same one that is employed on Rapala's lipless Clackin Rap and Clackin Minnow Jerkbait. Housed within this robust cylinder is one rattle system that will not fail, and we were very impressed by how well the entire system is integrated into the lure.


The Rapala Clackin' Crank has a lot going on and is extremely well constructed


The Clackin' Crank put up a huge fight when we tried to crack it open, a real testament to just how well built this lure is. The thick plastic exterior and bulletproof rattle system have stood up well in field tests thus far, but after this autopsy we are totally sold on just how durable this squarebill really is. It is nice to see a bait that is designed and built with unique elements and though the Rapala Clackin' Crank is built with plenty of features yet is still reasonably priced at $10.99 each. Rapala offers the Clackin' Crank in a wide range of patterns, all of which feature varying degrees of translucence in order to promote flash in the water thanks to the lure's second foil layer housed safely underneath the bait's exterior. 


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