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TackleTour Autopsy: The R2S Dahlberg Diver Frog is Solid (continued)


This bait has a strong but relatively thin surface skin and R2S is able to make the outer layer so thin because the inside of the lure is not actually hollow but is actually filled solid with high density urethane foam. This foam is extremely light yet is able to provide the main structure of the bait and improve durability, proper balance, and buoyancy.


...the core of the lure is high density urethane


In the bottom of the frog the weighted hook is backloaded to properly balance out the bait and improve casting, and because it is attached to the hook and sandwiched between the urethane and the hard surface coating the hook will not move side to side at all and makes it possible to deliver an instant hookset the second a fish strikes.


The weight is molded right on the hook


To test the upper limit durability of the LDDF’s finish we took a hammer to the lure and as we also witnessed in the field tests the lure’s surface could be scratched and cracked but the bait was still able to remain intact. The urethane is so dense that it acts as a skeleton for the bait and keeps the entire finish in place even after significant force is applied to the surface.

Can the finish survive hammer strikes?


Though the finish is abused the lure stays together


If this lure can survive a direct beating from a hammer there is no doubt it will endure even the most viscous strikes from fish. In the review of this product I mentioned how durable the LDDF’s body was and that one of the benefits of the lure’s design was that it couldn’t take on water, the urethane interior acts like a life jacket and even if the lure’s finish is cracked the lure will stay remain buoyant. This slick design is part of what makes the LDDF so easy to fish.


The main hook and weight are all one piece for instant solid hooksets


All the key components in the cleverly designed R2S Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog which is not so "hollow bodied" after all

The LDDF features a durable design all the way to the core (literally) and after cutting the LDDF open in the lab we were even more impressed with this innovative offering. I would have loved to have seen one of Larry’s original handmade prototypes and be able to compare side by side with the mass produced LDDF today to see just how the original concept has translated into the lure we see today. Suffice to say that the partnership between Larry and River2Sea has resulted in a pretty clever and well constructed bait, and we look forward to putting the other designs including the Clackin’ Crayfish under the knife as well.

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