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TackleTour Autopsy: Don’t Mess with the Ima Big Stik (continued)

Even though our test subject had survived the Amazon it was now the end of the line for this bait. Strapped in we next begun our destruction tests with abrasion resistance filing and as expected the lure’s finish held up extremely well to both fine and coarse grain files. The finish on the Big Stik is very robust and in real world applications will hold up well to even toothy species.

...and cutting this lure open is no easy task

When you shake the Big Stick it puts out quite a bit of vibration and you can hear a chorus of rattles from within the lure. Listen carefully and you can perceive both small beads bouncing around chambers as well as the knocking of larger weights. It was time to get a firsthand look at what was going on inside this lure, fire up the rotating blade!

Inside we find eight separate chambers

With safety glasses on I proceeded to cut through the belly of the lure and it was tough! Not only is the lure relatively thick the center of the lure started to spark as I came in contact with metal. Only after cracking the lure totally open did I fully understand just why this lure was able to so easily withstand those brutal Peacock strikes in the Amazon.

These chambers hold the steel beads. Notice the extra weighting in the rear of the lure

The same wire that is used as the line tie and hook holders is a single piece of steel wire that extends from the front  of the lure all the way to the back, much like spine. This wire not only helps give the lure additional structure but distributes the strike pressure and prevents fish from pulling out the hook hangers or line tie.

The through wire design integrates a single wire across all connection points

To give the lure even greater structure the center of the bait is not hollow like most pencil poppers, instead the lure has eight individual chambers which hold those noise creating beads. Also sandwiched throughout the bait are larger steel beads that are used for balancing out the lure. Notice that on the back of the lure there are two of these beads to help add that extra weight. These beads are either isolated like in the back or in an open chamber, like in the front, to create that lower frequency knocking sound.

The chambers vary in size

It is all this metal inside the lure that helps give the Big Stik such a substantial weight but because it is distributed properly it is both easy to cast and retrieve. Whether you call the Big Stik a swimbait or simply define it as a “Big Bait,” this is one lure that can actually be fished with a traditional heavy powered fast action rod.

A final look at the very well constructed Big Stik. This rugged bait is built to handle top of the food chain species

Conclusion: If you ever have the opportunity to talk to Randy Pringle or spend time with him on the water you immediately know that he has a passion for pursuing big fish. Randy is out there on the water day in and day out looking for trophy fish and his knowledge of what is required to make a bait that is able to attract these monsters to strike and then hold up to these lunkers has effectively translated into the Big Stik. Randy told us that there are many lures that will simply not hold up to the rigors of Amazon peacock bass fishing, but was completely confident that we could not break one of his lures on our trip. We caught Peacocks right under 20lbs. with the Big Stik and could not get a single lure to fail. Back in the lab the Big Stik even fought our abrasive files and only finally succumbed under a diamond tipped blade. This is one lure that can definitely hold up to big fish and without a doubt has the “balls” to stick up to Largemouth, Stripers, Pike, Musky, and Peacocks.

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