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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Record no. 60 rebuild (continued)

Remove both bridge screws (key #13369).





Separate the right side plate cover (key #1117131) from the baseplate assembly.



Line up all the components of the gear cluster. Interesting, it looks like ambassaduer has switched over to dry carbon fiber drag washers (key #1116906) inside the gear and a hard fiber washer (key #13169) underneath the gear.



I'm going to substitute a Penn ht-100 drag washer for the hard fiber washer (key #13169).



This Penn washer is a Penn ht-100 #6-965. This washer has been cut down from 24mm down to 15-17mm. It fits nicely under the gears of the ambassaduers and the smaller Shimano bait casters.



Because this Penn washer is thicker than the stock ambassaduer fiber washer, it is necessary to remove the small brass thrust washer (key #5189) underneath the gear sleeve (key #22079). I am quite certain that these carbon fiber drag washers will have the same high failure rate as Penn ht-100's following water or oil intrusion. I highly recommend a thick coat of Shimano drag grease and then rebuild the drag stack.



Pull the anti-reverse roller bearing sleeve (key #22001).



Install it on the gear sleeve with a little grease (they get stuck easily).



Grease the bridge screw holes.



Grease the side plate screws (no key #).



Lube the right side plate bearing (key #5230) with Corrosion X.



Slide the right side plate cover (key #1117131) straight down on top of the base plate assembly and install the two bridge screws (key #13369).



Hold the thumb bar in the "up" position and the right side plate assembly should match up perfectly with the frame.



Zip down the frame screws until they seat, then cinch then down a little extra until they are snug. use good mechanical judgment and don't snap off any heads.



Install the spring washers (key #5131) in the "()" position.



Install the star (key #1117091) and the spring (key #5115) with a little grease.



Install the handle (key #1117097) and c-clip (key#4490).



Add a little grease and install the handle nut (key #20944).



Install the handle nut collar (key #20944) and set screw (key #14868).



Clean off the excess grease and you're done!














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