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Lure Review

Creature Fever: One Strong Crawfish, the Z-Man Flappin Crawz


Date: 12/4/12
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Z-Man
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.91 - GOOD

Iíve been fishing Z-Man baits for years and none more so than the original ChatterBait which has the profile of a jig and the flash of a spinnerbait. While the company is probably best known for this iconic bait they have extended their offerings with their ultra durable line of ElaZtech plastics and offer baits designed to target both fresh and saltwater species. In keeping with our Creature Fever theme our first foray into the companyís offerings are the Flappin Crawz. Just how strong an offering are these seemingly simple baits? Letís find out.


Z-Man Flappin Crawz Specifications

Type Plastic bait
Material ElaZtech plastic
Depth 0 ft
Size 4"
Colors/Patterns 10+
MSRP $3.99


Z-Man may be best known for their Chatterbaits but they make a full line of plastics as well


Impressions: At first glance the Flappin Crawz doesnít look all that impressive, straightforward even. The bait has the profile of a crawfish but the claws are nothing more than flat profiles, somewhat resembling a twin tail grub. But the beauty of this bait is in the actual formulation of the plastic and the minute it goes into the water it all makes sense.


A look at the Z-Man retail packaging


The Flappin Crawz has been employed by Pro Anglers in the past including Luke Clausen who likes the baitís presentation. Key to this presentation is the baitís ability to float thanks to the ElaZtech plastic construction which also makes the bait extremely elastic.  The Flappin Crawz are available in a single 4Ē size and come in eight colors, so matching the hatch is relatively easy.


Rigged Texas the lure raises its claws in a defensive position


Real World Tests: To test the Z-Man Flappin Crawz we head to the California Delta and Clear Lake to target largemouth bass using a variety of setups ranging from a traditional Texas rig to employing the bait as a trailer on jigs, chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. All tests were conducted using baitcasting gear and either Berkley 100% fluorocarbon or PowerPro braided lines. These tests extended from spring through early winter and we tried to target fish in a variety of warm and cold water conditions to see just how well the bait performed in a wider variety of applications.


Without any weight the lure is so buoyant it floats on the surface


Casting: I like lures that can be fished a variety of different ways effectively and the Flappin Crawz offer some degree of flexibility (no pun intended) as they can be rigged directly Texas style or on a variety of other baits as a trailer. Casting this bait is really a non issue when rigged with any weight but this is a hard bait to fish weightless. Not only are the baits relatively light but they float on the surface, which is not the most effective way to fish this particular bait as it just doesnít generate much commotion on the surface.


Rigged and ready to go

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