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Tech Tackle precision reels and rods are sure to bring a smile to any angler (continued)

Mitchell 300X Gold: The Mitchell 300X spinning reel is a faithful reproduction of the original all the way down to the wooden handle. Like the Abu the 300X comes mounted on a Berkley Lighting Rod, which also has a real working reel seat. This rod is also the only one that has a wound on hook hanger on the rod. The gold finish on this reel is attractive and Tech Tackle does an especially good job replicating the unique looking Mitchell handle. I also found the bail on this spinning reel less prone to damage than the one on the Quantum PTI. This setup also comes with the bonus Berkley mini lure.

The Mitchell 300X Gold reel on a Lighting Rod


It is possible to completely remove the reel and examine it from all angles


While there is no drag the settings are there


A closer look at the Berkley Lightingrod reel seat


Moving on past mini bass gear: At this point you may be wondering if you could actually catch a fish with one of these setups. The answer is "it is possible." It is feasible to put a petite salmon egg on a real hook and dangle some bait into a rocky stream and try and pull out a brook trout. Casting is only possible with the spinning versions, and we actually tested the gearing which was capable of only lifting 2.1oz of dry weight before slipping. This means you will have to use your fingers to pull in line at the same time. While it is "possible" to catch a petite fish, that tiny brook trout is going to feel like a Yellowfin Tuna on the end of the line on one of these rigs. You are far better letting your imagination run wild as you retrieve paperclips and erasers across the surface of your desk.

Thus far the actions of the rods have all been impressive. Both the Quantum PT and Berkley Lightingrod feel light and responsive, as bass gear should. The rods are not actually constructed out of graphite but they sure look and feel like it. As we turned our attention to the heavier saltwater offering we were eager to see if any effort was taken to really differentiate the "feel" of the saltwater version from the freshwater rods. 


Next Section: Hey, what about us saltwater guys? 










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