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Event Article:

ishing with Tackle Warehouse and BASS Elite Angler Jared Lintner (continued)


I continued to get into the white bass with a variety of lures including jerkbaits and mid sized crankbaits. The fish looked like a shorter version of a striped bass and the largest one caught we caught was just over a pound, but the fish are like their striped cousins and fight surprisingly well for their weight. Unfortunately it was already mid way through the day and while Jared and I had boated a lot of fish, only two fish were over a pound.


Jared gets a 2lb largemouth

Corey and Joey were having a tough time as well fishing baseball sized rocky points. They called Jared on his cell phone to see if there was any action on the other side of the lake. Jared told them about the schooled up white bass we were getting into and Corey and Joey head over with a trout rig to have some ultralight fun.

Rich makes a move to find bigger fish

At the same time Rich and JIP ventured into a shallow area, no more than three feet in depth. Rich positioned his boat on the outside and began casting. “What we really need is a speed trap to get all the way in there,” Rich commented. “I’ve got one, but it’s a Delta Craw” JIP responded as he started digging through his tackle. JIP tied on the craw and on cast within inches of the shore and began his burn. Splooooooosh, a large white fish rolled on the trap.

Using blades Rich gets into more small spotted bass

JIP wasn’t sure if was a largemouth or a giant white bass, but he wanted it. Setting wasn’t even necessary, the fish had crushed the speed trap and was heading straight for the boat. JIP cranked quickly to make up ground and as soon as the line was taut the fish went ballistic and went deep yet again. “This one has to be at least 4 or 5 pounds, do you have a net?” JIP asked as he started to make headway on the fish. “No net, you’re going to have to lip it,” Rich responded as the fish broke the surface and JIP was face to face with a thrashing catfish.

"Where the heck are the big fish?"

“Oh man…I’m not lipping that thing” JIP exclaimed as Rich broke into laughter. JIP bent down grabbed the fish like a trophy trout as Rich snapped the picture, all of which was the fastest “picture and release” in TackleTour history. “Man that thing was slimy” JIP said as he washed off his hands.

Here's a bigger, and slimier, one

Next Section: Time for the weigh in & cats don't count










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