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Lure Review


Storm's Latest Dance Craze, the Arashi Glide


Date: 5/17/20
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Storm Lures
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.25 - GREAT

There was a time, maybe ten years ago, that the two-piece glide bait was a very hush-hush lure. Anglers had been fishing them a long time, but very few if any were sharing their success stories. However, once a bait like that hits the national stage with BASS Elite Series Pros like Brandon Palaniuk fishing them, you know it's only a matter of time before they force the hand of their big-time, sponsoring lure manufacturers. There's your abbreviated story of how the subject of today's article came into being, and here's a detailed look at Storm Lures's Arashi Glide Swimbait.


Storm Arashi Glide Swimbait Specifications

Type Two-Piece Glide Bait
Length 7.5"
Weight 3 1/8oz
Depth Any (Slow Sink)
Material Plastic
Colors 9
Hooks 2x 2/0
MSRP $37.99


Introducing Storm Lures's Arashi Glide


Impressions: Swimbaits come in all shapes and sizes. Storm has designed and built the their Arashi Glide in the most popular pocket - that six and a half inch to eight inch zone that straddles the line between being a serious big bait and being too small to be considered anything more than a toy. At seven and a half inches (7.5"), this bait is sized just right to encourage the big fish to bite while at the same time, discouraging most of the smaller, non-scorable bass. At just over three ounces in weight, it should be super easy to throw all day long.

The Arashi Glide is a 7.5", two-piece bait

Real World Tests: I fished Storm's Arashi Glide on a variety of setups but more extensively aboard my Phenix Rods M1 MX-UR80H paired with my Daiwa 2018 Ryoga spooled with 50lb Spiderwire Ultracast X8 (in aquacamo) topshotted with some Sufix 14lb Advance Fluorocarbon Line as a leader. Most of the time, I'd recommend using heavy mono or fluorocarbon or a leader of either tied to the end of braid, but for whatever reason, I had good success with just straight braid, so didn't bother with the leader or changing line.

Launching the Arashi Glide onboard my Phenix MX-UR80H

Castability: Having grown accustomed to throwing baits much heavier than this, casting the Arashi Glide is almost like taking a vacation. This bait is light enough to throw all day with little difficulty and heavy enough to heave good distances. It sails through the air predictably as long as you employ a smooth casting motion. If you snap cast it, the bait will likely tumble through the air where it can foul with your line.

The stout joint hardware

Rate of Fall: The Arashi Glide comes with the factory specification of sinking at a rate of 0.4 feet per second. That's far too precise for us to be able and verify but I was able to count it down in the deep end of a swimming pool where it reached the eight foot bottom on average in about eleven seconds. That's a bit faster than the specified 0.4 feet per second but still slow enough to where I'd consider it a "slow sink." The bait does sink with a very slight head down position.

Each bait comes with a spare tail

Ease of Actuation: Once you do engage your reel and either twitch your rod or work a steady retrieve, the Arashi Glide responds immediately. With each twitch, it will walk side to side under water. During a steady retrieve, it swims in a normal s-pattern - not super tight and not super wide, somewhere in between. Stop your retrieve and it swims off to one side or the other. Twitch your rod tip and it snaps back. The Arashi Glide is very responsive under water.

Hook loops are swiveled


Speaking of hooks, the bait's stock hooks are very capable

I had best success with the bait when I mixed up my retrieve, so this is not a straight up chuck and wind kind of swimbait. Most glide baits are not. Then again, your experience with this bait might be different.

The Arashi Glide is available in 9 colors, here we have the Oikawa Mesu

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