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Reel Review

Go Light, Stay Tough, the Shimano Stradic MgFA (continued)

Ergonomics: The Stradic MgFA is surprisingly durable for a magnesium based reel, and part of this is because not the entire reel is actually made out of magnesium. The Stradicís frame is magnesium but the sideplate and rotor are both constructed out of graphite. The Stella FB features a magnesium frame and sideplate plus an all aluminum rotor. This translates to an even lighter overall package. The comparably sized 2500 series Stella reel weighs .3oz less, and the 4000 Stella weighs a significant 1.1oz less than the Stradic MgFA.


The rotor on the StradicMg is made out of graphite...but it sure looks and feels like aluminum


The Stradic Mg features the same shaped power grip handle as the standard Stradic and Sustain. When it comes to ease of maintenance all three reels feature the easy access maintenance port which allows anglers to drop oil into the drivetrain in between major services. When it is necessary to open up the Stradic MgFA for a more thorough cleaning we found we could do this in just a matter of minutes, and the same can be said for the Sustain and normal Stradic.


porting on the S-Guard for weight reduction


Edge: The Stradic Mg series is crying for a smaller reel to take advantage of the reelís lightweight attributes. Judging apples to apples the Mg and Sustain tie this category, and leave the standard Stradic behind. Add the Stella into the mix and it easily outmatches all of these reels with a beautiful balance of light overall weight and quality ergonomic features.


A cone shaped support helps get the line into the roller quicker


Durability: If used only in freshwater there is no need to worry about corrosion, but for those anglers that want to fish the Stradic MgFA in brackish and saltwater Shimano has implemented a special multi-coated finish to withstand corrosion from harsh environments.


Power Roller III is an oversized roller to help mitigate line twist from casting and retrieving


We inspected the frame inside and out, and are happy to report that every angle has a certain level of treatment, so no raw magnesium is exposed. There are gaskets throughout the reelís main internals to help keep contaminants from entering the reel to a minimum. We found the coated surfaces to be reasonably tough, and we had to apply a lot of pressure to the surface before we could scratch it.


A look at the drag knob

We also deliberately dropped the Stradic MgFA from a height of 4 feet on boat docks and concrete. Most of the time the rear S-Guard plate and rotor took all the damage, but with a sharp rock on the concrete we were able to ding the coated surface of the frame. Of course this is all simulated abuse, but for the most part the protectant on the frame is quite durable.

The complete drag system locked and loaded


A clicking drag alarm inside the spool


Next Section: More on durability...










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