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The Lean Green Cranking Machine, meet Shimanoís Curado E5 (continued)

Ergonomics: In terms of ergonomics the new Curado E is a world better than the D version, not only is it lighter but it sits lower on the reel seat and because the reel is so much smaller it is even more comfortable to palm. The reduction in weight is noticeable and when paired with just about any rod the entire rig feels lighter and easier to cast all day. Applications where we really noticed the benefit of the lighter reel were crankbait fishing where the lighter reel reduced stress on your arm when making countless casts, as well as when working topwater lures like frogs when the constant rod motion is made easier on the wrists with the lighter overall package.

A look at the front end of the Curado E5

When I first looked at the Curado I didnít really like the Septon PV Power Grips on this particular reel, they looked overly large for such a small profile reel. Shimano had successfully shrunken the reel in size and reduced the overall weight, so why include such large knobs as standard equipment? The answer became crystal clear the very first time I fished the Curado, the knobs though much larger in size than the standard Septon knobs do not add much weight, but the increased surface area does add a significant amount of grip that makes it easier to really crank down aggressively on the reel.

The Curado E5 is also excellent for working lipless crankbaits

Cal shared the same original opinion as I did regarding the oversized handles in the beginning, but after just two days fishing with the Curado he has become such a big fan of them that he transplanted the handles onto other reels including the Calcutta 100 DC.

A look under the hood

Durability: I was skeptical in regards to both the durability and overall feel of the reel under heavy torque when I first discovered that both sideplates on the reel would make use of graphite versus aluminum but the longer I fished the Curado E5 the more these reservations seemed to fade away. After a while I started to even forget that the handle-side sideplate was not even metal to begin with. The Curado E5 feels very solid with even big fish on the line, and the tolerances still remain very tight when it comes to keeping the gearing in alignment.

This small reel is also powerful enough to slow retrieve mid sized swimbaits

The overall design of the reel makes it possible to sandwich the plates very tightly onto the aluminum center frame. We didnít have any problems with reel durability and while a number of our lures rusted after just one day in the alkaline Pyramid Lake waters the Curado held up very nicely. The deeper green paint finish on the new Curado also held up well and there is a thick layer of gloss on this reel, and surprisingly the clear coat doesnít feel overly slick when wet, and does an excellent job warding off boat rash.

The green finish takes on different tones depending on the lighting

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