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Reel Review

Shimano's new Citica 200E - Completely Redefined (continued)

Drag: Shimano specs the Citica’s drag out at 11lbs but we were able to max out the drag at 11.38lbs of drag counter pressure in our lab. When we tested the Curado E the drag performance was near identical. In the field the Citica’s drag was not the strongest drag we have tested in a reel of this size, but it was among the most smooth and consistent. The new Citica E delivered just under 10% more drag pressure than the previous generation 200D which is notable considering Shimano had to squeeze more drag pressure out of less real estate for surface area inside the smaller frame.

The handle side drops down to accommodate the new gearing

The Dartanium drag material that was once only found on Shimano’s most premium reels is now is incorporated nearly throughout the entire series. Controlling the drag is made easy with the new swept drag star which features clicking drag adjustment. The drag star is a major upgrade over the previous version which was much more utilitarian, this new design feels better when making quick adjustments on the fly with your thumb.

Cal casts swimbaits with the Citica E

Ergonomics: We fished the Citica E on a number of rods ranging from Shimano’s own Crucial and Cumara sticks, to G.Loomis and Lamiglas rods. On all the rods we noted how low the reels sat on the reel thanks to a combination of a recessed reel seat and newly designed gearbox which extended downwards versus outwards.

Cal liked the retrieve of the Citica E but really liked the more fluid retrieve and the extra comfort of the Curado E oversized PV power paddles

When it comes to improving the form factor Shimano hit a home run with the redesign. They listened to both consumers and dealers who wanted a smaller and lighter reel, but were unwilling to make sacrifices when it came to refinement or power in both the gearing and the drag. When you look at the reel from the non handle side the sideplate is amazingly compact, and this helps make the Citica E among the most comfortable reels to palm all day long.

Cal lands a fish testing while slow rolling cranks

Shimano was able to drop the weight of the Citica 2.1oz. with the redesign, making the reels easier to fish for prolonged periods, and bringing it within the range of competitors that are now also delivering lighter weight offerings. The fact that Shimano was able to do this without sacrificing line capacity or power is quite inspiring.

By the end of the day Cal had switched to the Curado E which he preferred over the Citica E, so much in fact that even though he prefers all reels in left hand retrieve he had to get a Curado E5 for the lower gear ratio

The Citica E features traditional rubber barrel knobs which are comfortable and help make the reel appear even smaller. The Curado E on the other hand makes use of larger Septon PV power paddles for more comfortable hard cranking. Some anglers may be puzzled why the lighter weight Curado makes use of the larger paddle grips, and we asked Jeremy why these particular grips were chosen for the green machine. He simply responded that many anglers liked the way they felt, and that this was another differentiator between the two reels.

The Citica's new swept drag star is thicker and easier to adjust on the fly

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