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Enthusiast Reel Review

TackleTour's 2005 SuperCast Shootout Round 2 : Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light vs Daiwa Millionaire RinGa

Date: 10/03/05
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Daiwa Japan
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: I'ZE Light 9.08 : Ringa 9.08

Introduction: In July, we brought you the first semi-final matchup in our 2005 SuperCast Shootout: the Conquest 101DC versus a supertuned Abu Garcia Mörrum Ultra Mag S2 SX1601C. Today, we continue our year long tribute to the small, round baitcaster by bringing you our second semi-final match, a sibling rivalry between two limited edition Daiwa Millionaire reels.


Annually, since 2001 with the introduction of their CV-Z103 Red Gold Limited, Daiwa has released several, different, tuned versions of their popular Millionaire reels. This year, perhaps to make up for the lack of a limited model in 2004, Daiwa has released two. It's fairly obvious improvements in each of these limited models exist over the stock Millionaire CV-Z (lighter weight, tuning spools, etc.). The real question is, are there actual performance differences between the limited production models or are they simply the same reel offered up in different finishes and cosmetic stylings to excite... as well as bankrupt the avid collector? 


The CV-Z seems to be a favorite for Daiwa to tweak. Clockwise from top left, the Standard CV-Z 103L, The Green 2002 CV-Z 103L, The 2003 M-Ito 103L, the Millionaire Bay Casting Special 103L


Round Two: Obliterating his tackle budget for 2005 is your very own TackleTour Enthusiast Editor on a mission to acquire most all of these limited production reels, disseminate their differences, and bring to you, the ultimate in sibling rivalries, the 2005 Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light versus the 2005 Daiwa Millionaire RinGa.


The Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light


I'ZE Light: The Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light became available in June this year. It comes with a host of features all aimed at shaving nearly 2 ounces off its weight when compared to the standard CV-Z 103. These features include duralumin gears, a Type R+ tuned GIGAS spool, titanium drag washers, a machined frame, and weight saving holes in almost every possible non-structural component. The result? Our I'ZE light weighed in at an even 7 ounces out of the box. Very respectable for a round baitcaster and an actual 1.6 ounces less than the stock CVZ 103 reel.


Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light Specifications

Line Capacity (lbs / yds) 12lb (0.290mm)/120yds
Gear Ratio (actual retrieve) 5.8:1 (23 inches per turn)
Measured Weight 7 oz
Measured Max. Drag 5+ lbs
Bearings 10 + 1
Features MagForce V with External Adjustable Sideplate, Type R+ Tuned GIGAS Spool
MSRP $550


The Daiwa Millionaire RinGa


RinGa HL: Originally released for Daiwa Heartland Z club members only, the Daiwa Millionaire RinGa was made available to the general public in late July of this year. The most distinguishing characteristics of this reel aside from it's rather understated color scheme are its stock 90mm cranking handle with bearing supported, flat, cork knobs, and large capacity polished red aluminum spool inscribed with the Japanese characters Rin & Ga.


The Japanese Characters "Rin" & "Ga" inscribed on the spool of the Millionaire RinGa


In a detailing attempt reminiscent of the 2003 Daiwa/Megabass Ito reels, the expression "Rin Ga" does not have official roots in Japanese classic literature. Rather, as Jun Sonoda of JapanTackle tells us, this expression was created by Mr. Murakami, a tester and designer internal to Daiwa Japan. With no official translation available from the manufacturer, Mr. Sonoda was kind enough to provide us with his interpretation of "Ring Ga" which he explains as an image of the very sharp fangs (Ga) of a young, cold (Rin), perhaps solemn, creature born of the water (taken from the way in which the character is actually depicted). How this imagery further translates into the spiritual realm this reel is intends to inspire is the missing link that we hope to discover during our field test of this reel through the course of our shootout.


Daiwa Millionaire RinGa HL Specifications

Line Capacity (lbs / yds) 12lb (0.290mm)/150yds
Gear Ratio (actual retrieve) 5.8:1 (23 inches per turn)
Measured Weight 7.7 oz
Measured Max. Drag 5+ lbs
Bearings 10 + 1
Features MagForce V with External Adjustable Sideplate, 90mm stock handle with, bearing supported, flat, cork knobs, large capacity aluminum spool, CRBB Bearings
MSRP $550

The Comparison: 

Setup: We spooled each of our Limited Edition Millionaire reels with 15lb P-Line Floroclear and mounted them on identical Kistler Helium He76HCs. This rod has a very similar action to the G.Loomis MBR844C we used in the first round of our playoff but with an extra six inches of length.


Our I'ZE Light 103L mounted on a Kistler Helium LTA He76HC


Pitching: With its Type R+, super tuned, GIGAS Spool, the I'ZE Light consistently outperformed the RinGa by five to eight feet with overall pitching distances approaching fifty feet in our tests with a three eighths ounce casting plug. Both reels freespool effortlessly, but the tuned rotor of the I'ZE light is obviously tailored for precisely this type of presentation and afforded us the ability to present jigs down to a quarter ounce in weight despite our rod's rating of 1/2 to 1 oz lures. We add, however, that these jigs had the additional weight burden of a trailer so realistically, they were between one quarter to half an ounce in total weight. Just the same, the RinGa was not able to handle these baits quite as easily. The I'ZE Light was a clear winner in this category. Winner: I'ZE Light

Our RinGa 103L mounted on a Kistler Helium LTA He76HC


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