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Lure Review

Creature Fever: Getting serious with the Power Team Diesel Craw


Date: 2/6/13
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Power Team
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 7.41 - GOOD

 While certainly not one of the largest bait manufacturers out there, relative newcomer Power Team Lures makes a modest range of quality plastics from drop shot worms to bulky creature baits.  Keeping up with our ongoing Creature Fever theme, we decided to get our hands on some of their premier craw imitations, the 4 Diesel craws.  TackleTour first visited Power Team Lures at ICAST 2010, where owners Katie and Bob Bernotsky showcased several unique baits.  It was obvious that these were not just run of the mill plastics, and that each bait was well thought out and exhibited some unique characteristics.  With a colossal array of crawdad imitation plastics on the market, does the Diesel Craw have what it takes to run over the competition?


Power Team Diesel Craw Specifications

Type Creature Bait
Material Soft Plastic
Depth 0 ft
Size 4"
Colors/Patterns 10
MSRP $6.99 (6 per pack)

The Diesel Craw comes packaged in a large plastic bag with resealable enclosure.

Impressions: Available in just a 4 inch size with 10 colors to choose from, the Power Team Diesel Craw has big fish written all over it.  Though only 4 inches, it's chunky profile gives it a noticeable presence.  This is not a bait that will pass near a Bass and go unnoticed!

Something that makes these craws unique is simply what they are made out of.  Power Team uses a neutral buoyancy plastic that helps lift the bait off the bottom, supposedly creating a fluid, lifelike action.  Don't think that the plastic is just dry and hard either.  It exhibits a moderate softness, and is infused with crawdad scent, garlic, and salt.  Upon opening the bag, your nose will have no trouble smelling these.  The baits are also quite oily.  You'll definitely need a towel after rigging one up!

These baits are loaded with scent and will give you slick fingers.

As mentioned, these are full bodied baits.  On one end of the craw, you'll find a built in plastic skirt, similar to what a twin tail spider jig features.  This adds to the action of the bait, as well as the bulk.  With the added skirt mass, it helps the bait displace more water and get intercepted even easier in dirty water.

Moving down the bait, the back is relatively smooth with just a hint of detail.  On the underside, the belly features deep grooves designed to create air bubbles under water for added appeal.  The grooves also give the craw a more lifelike texture, likely tantalizing a Bass to hold onto the bait just a tad longer.  At the other end of Diesel Craw, lifelike claws and a set of antennas completes the package.

The claws come attached to an extra piece of plastic, likely to keep them from being bent and mangled.  Carefully break the head and claws from this piece, and start fishing!

Real World Tests:  Testing mostly took place on lakes and ponds in southwest Florida.  Due to the weedy nature of many waterways here, the Diesel Craw spent 90% of it's time being flipped, pitched, and even punched through some modest cover.  The bait was predominantly Texas rigged with both pegged and free sliding bullet weights, and also spent some type on keel weighted swimbait style hooks.

The plastic strands can easily be cut off if a more streamlined bait is preferred.

Casting:   There is really nothing major to note as far as casting goes.  Since it is somewhat of a thick bait, expect the wind to catch it a bit on the cast.  Just compensate accordingly, and you'll find it casts satisfyingly well.  You won't set distance casting records with the Diesel Craw, but it casts very much like a standard jig and trailer combo.  In actuality, it really kind of is a jig and trailer combo just built together into one bait!

The claws feature nice detail and have an aggressive appearance.

Retrieving:  As mentioned earlier, the plastic used has a neutral buoyancy.  This causes the claws and head to float up off the bottom in a defensive fashion.  The claws are quite animated and a shaking of the rod tip causes them to quiver enticingly.  The skirted end also undulates nicely and really makes things come alive.  Any type of current also causes the claws and skirt to come alive and pulsate.

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