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Swimbait Review


A Brawler Ready to Battle, the Pike Team Six B52 Wake Swimbait


Date: 12/17/20
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Pike Team Six
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.58 - GREAT

Introduction: Pike Team Six is a custom swimbait manufacturer that has created a handmade wakebait called the B52 which is designed to take on the biggest and baddest freshwater fish out there. This swimbait features a unique profile, swimming action, and can be ordered in just about any configuration and pattern that anglers can dream up.


Pike Team Six B52 Swimbait Specifications

Type Wakebait - Topwater
Length 6.5 inches
Weight 2.15 ounces - measured
Material Resin
Sections Three (two joints and a moving tail)
Patterns Many and Custom - Multiple original patterns and custom paint finishes for 10 dollars more
MSRP $125.00 ($135 for custom created finish)


The Pike Team Six B52 doesn't look like other swimbaits


Impressions: There are a lot of good mass produced swimbaits on the market but when it comes to throwing a big bait that is exclusive, unique, and even one of kind, there isn't anything quite like a custom made swimbait. The majority of these custom swimbaits come from small businesses based in the U.S., or equally small operations in Japan. These custom bait manufacturers take pride in creating something that is truly handmade, and their offerings are usually a combination of both design and artistry.


The B52 looks like a cross between a goby and a trout and features a large head design that tapers down towards the aluminum tail


Pike Team Six (PT6) is one such manufacturer, and is homegrown swimbait manufacturer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Created by a band of brothers the team had been fishing swimbaits for years, and like many of the truly afflicted started thinking about elements in big baits that didn't exist. They took their ideas to the drawing board and developed a new wakebait that targeted big game fish, and even designed to hold up to the Pike, as indicated by the company's own name.


At rest the bait has a boomerang shape, but in the water it sits more level and the tail's tip protrudes out of the water


The company's first offering is the subject of our review today, the B52 Wake, a topwater swimbait designed to target aggressive top of the food chain freshwater fish. This bait is constructed out of resin and features three sections, two joints, and a semi-free moving aluminum tail.


The Pike Team Six B52 has a unique profile consisting of a compact body, large head, and is fitted with oversized eyes. It does have a small top fin and looks like a cross between a goby and a trout.


The tail is one of the most distinguishing features of this bait. While most custom baits either go with a molded plastic or lexan tail PT6 cuts their tails of out aluminum then scores the tail with a fin design or gives them the hammered blade treatment. The tail can be painted to match the pattern and is then marketed "PT6" on one side of the bait. It is a nice reminder that each bait is truly hand-made.


On the California Delta getting ready to toss the B52 the first time


Real World Tests: As with most custom swimbaits that arrive here at TackleTour they only sit for a short period before we get them into the water. Nothing gets us more excited then seeing how new custom baits swim, and even more importantly, how fish react to them. I wish that I could put the B52 in front of more species, especially the Pike and Muskie that this bait is designed to stand up to, but this year's travel plans were cut short. Instead I focused on putting the B52 up against largemouth bass and striped bass in the Northern California Delta, and other regional lakes.


Casting the B52 is really easy, especially with any true swimbait rod


B52 Reporting for Battle: Measuring in at 6.5 inches the B52 is a mid sized swimbait and because it weighs only 2.15oz. it is pretty easy to throw with even light swimbait setups. That being said I learned pretty quickly that it is a good idea to use a full heavy powered rod when slinging this bait as strikes are explosive right on the surface and you will want a rod that reacts quickly and has the backbone to control fish.


Some of my favorite rods to fish the B52 with are the G.Loomis IMX-Pro 965SWBR and 966 SWBR sticks

Next Section: Work the B52 fast for explosive strikes...









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