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Daddy’s Lean and Mean, the Magnesium Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel (continued)

During testing I spooled our mid-sized 9530 test reel with 6 and 8lb. Trilene 100% fluorocarbon line and a variety of monofilament from Toray and Sunline. Cosmetically the reel matched pretty well with just about any rod with a grey or black blank but I ultimately found it both looked and balanced out best with a Pinnacle Perfecta spinning rod which featured similar aluminum highlights and a blue blank.

The Patriarch features a carbon drag system

I tried a few times this season to get some finesse fishing in on the California Delta but the water was always muddied up from recent rains and I ultimately got the majority of testing in at Clear Lake. Even there the weather did not cooperate and it often rained when we tried to get test time logged in, but the fish finally did oblige and I was able to get a good feel for everything from the reel’s retrieve to the drag performance.

The spool's arbor is made out of carbon fiber which helps reduce weight

Casting: The Pflueger Patriarch casts well but one thing I did notice was that the diameter of the spool lip was a little shallow. While this didn’t affect casting in any negative way it did allow harder fluorocarbon 8lb. line to more easily peel off the spool unnecessarily when the spool was loaded to the max. To avoid this issue simply don’t fill the spool all the way up, and this is not a concern when fishing with lines that are not as stiff, including braid or monofilament.

The carbon arbor and drag system are sealed in place with four screws

Line capacity on this little reel is quite good and even with big largemouth on the line I never felt like I was going to get spooled. As with most spinning reels the Patriarch proved to be very good for tossing the very light stuff. This makes for a great shaky head or drop shot reel. 

Time to take a closer look at the guts...

Retrieve: Smoothness in a reel really can come in two similar yet distinct forms, one being purely fluid and friction free (ex. Shimano Stella) or weightless and extremely connected (ex. Daiwa Steez). The Pflueger Patriarch falls right in the middle and successfully feels both smooth and connected to a surprising extent.

...starting with the spring loaded bail return


I was immediately impressed with how smooth this reel was, yet I could feel the gearing mesh and the lubrication at work. Each turn of the handle resulted in a predictable response from the lightweight magnesium rotor and even at fast retrieves there is almost no detectable spool wobble whatsoever. I say “almost” because at maximum speed we did notice just a bit of vibration, but this was in the lab and not the result of a real world test situation.


The rotor is constructed out of magnesium

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