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Lure Review

Bring Life to a Familiar Design : The Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer Buzzbait


Date: 3/27/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Persuader American
Reviewer: Cal


Total Score: 8.42

Introduction: Persuader American Angling has been a big force out West producing top quality spinnerbaits and buzzbaits for over fifteen years. One such product, their Pro Assassinator Clacker Spinnerbait was reviewed right here back in February of 2005. Right about the same time we debuted the review, Persuader American Angling was busy unveiling their new, two bladed buzzbait, the Double Buzzer. Purchasing the Patent rights to this design from the originator of Blue Fox lures, Persuader American Angling has brought a renewed appreciation for this design back to the market.


Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer Specifications

Type Buzzbait
Class Topwater
Size / Weight 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz (tested), 1/2 oz
Colors/Patterns 5 patterns available
MSRP $6.25

Impressions: Not having one of the original Blue Fox Double Buzzers for comparison, one aspect of this lure that really caught our attention was signature Persuader American flat head. This design helps bring the lure to plane on the surface more quickly than normal and is a feature of all their buzzbaits. The blades for this double buzzer spin in opposite directions and the gauge stainless support wires are bendable so you can tune them to either run independent from one another, or make sure they crash together during the retrieve for maximum noise. Also featured on this bait are a Mustad Ultra Point Long Shank Hook, and a Bio-Flex silicone skirt.

Introducing Persuader American Angling's Double Buzzer Buzzbait


The double buzzer was originally introduced by Blue Fox lure company

The Field Tests: Continuing the use of sometimes unconventional gear, I fished the Persuader American Double Buzzer on two different rigs over the course of the past year. One was my G.Loomis MBR844C GLX rod matched with a Shimano Metanium MG and 50lb P-Line Spectrex, the other was my Kistler Helium He76MHC paired with a Daiwa Alphas 103L and Yozuri Hybrid 12lb test in clear.


Complete test rigs for Persuader American Angling Double Buzzer Buzzbait Field Tests

Rig One Rig Two
Rod G.Loomis MBR844C GLX Kistler Helium He76MHC
Reel Shimano Metanium MG Daiwa Alphas
Line P-Line Spectrex 50lb Yozuri Hybrid 12lb (clear)

In this shot, you can see the flat head of our Double Buzzer

Another look at the Double Buzzer's flat head

Casting/Pitching: With both test rigs, the 3/8 ounce double buzzer was easy to cast and for some considerable distances. We thought the double blades might interfere with castability, but surprisingly, this was a non-issue. Perhaps because the actual blades are not very large in profile. Whatever the case, we had no difficulty placing this bait where we wanted and, pretty much, as far as we wanted - especially when using the one-piece Kistler Helium He76MHC paired with a Daiwa Alphas.

The Double Buzzer comes with a Mustad Ultra-Point, Long Shank Hook


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