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Event Coverage

Monster BassJam 2010: Part 1 - Big Baits in the House


Date: 10/30/10
Event: Monster BassJam 2010
Location: Cotati, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: This Halloween-eve Bass Anglers in Northern California were given a real treat in the form of a tackle show put on by Monster Fishing Tackle and Outdoor Pro Shop. We traveled up to Cotati to attend the second annual "Monster BassJam" which was full of manufacturers, pros, anglers and of course, plenty of tackle. We kick our coverage of the event off with what so many anglers came here to see and buy... bring on the new swimbaits.


Monster Bass Jam 2010 had a little something for everyone and a number of Pro Anglers including Kent Brown and Chris Zaldain were on hand giving seminars and teaching anglers new techniques


The event was hosted at Outdoor Pro Shop's flagship store in Cotati, CA which is less than an North from San Francisco


Rago Bait Company: Last year we didn't make it to Jerry Rago's booth until about an hour into the show and by the time we shook hands a good portion of his new baits were already gone. So this year as soon as the doors opened we made a line straight for his table. Jerry showed us a large assortment of new Rat baits.


Master swimbait maker Jerry Rago shows us his latest injected rats...


Though most anglers probably know Jerry for both his hard and soft bodied trout swimbaits he has produced an assortment of Rat baits since the very beginning. Over the years he has continued to tweak his designs and this show he introduced new versions of his injected Rago Rat. The new version wakes four times faster and can even be used for burning applications or even trolling.  


...many of which come in new patterns including translucent versions


The new Injected Rats are available in a wide variety of patterns including translucent models and the tails are also replaceable. Each bait comes with a single Owner hook underneath the front section of lure. The new lures are just becoming available now and retail for $24.99 each.


Another new Rat is a redefining of a classic


New SKT swimmer swimbaits are being made by Roboworm for Rago Baits


As reported at the past ICAST show Rago has partnered with Roboworm for the pouring of a number of his soft bodied swimbaits including the SKT Swimmer. The Roboworm versions feature the same quality that you would expect from the brand are both very detailed and also slightly more durable than the original. These baits will also retail for $21.99 like the original and Jerry told us that he was also working on an upcoming mini version as well.


Cal and the team from Rago Baits


Looking for an even more collectible 22nd century Triple Trout?


22nd Century: Triple Trout lures were selling quick at the show and at the Bassaholics booth the team had a number of special editions that were signed by Pro's including Skeet, Ish and Gary Dobyns. As you might expect there were no changes to this proven performers lineup other than a few special patterns available at the show. That combined with the fact that the lures were being sold at very special show prices made them a hot seller at the event.


Zander bought four baits...


Zander decided to buy four of them and as the order was being written and bagged up Cal tried to make off with the remaining 7" baits! This has long been a confidence swimbait for Cal and suffice to say that his arsenal has been replenished just in time for our upcoming Amazon trip.


...while Cal tried to break the bank

Next Section: New swimbaits from Little Creeper and CL8









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