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Lure Review

Silent but Deadly: The Molix SB Crank 55 Silent


Date: 12/23/13
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

The square-bill crankbait should be a staple in the tackle box of every bass angler. It's just about guaranteed a square bill will produce some solid results at certain times, regardless of water clarity or available cover. Growing up years ago in California, the Luhr Jensen Speed Trap used to be (and still is) a favorite pick of many Delta anglers. Square bills have come a long way since then, and now you'll find many different configurations and colors available from a variety of manufacturers. Based in Italy, Molix has refined the square bill with their exciting new SB Crank 55 Silent model. Will this new bait from the land of exotic sports cars prove to be something special?


Molix SB Crank 55 Silent Crankbait Specifications

Type Square-bill Crankbait
Depth 0-3 feet
Size 2 1/4 inches
Weight 3/8 ounce
Hooks #2 front/#4 rear Daiichi Trebles
Colors/Patterns 8 colors
MSRP $11.99

The Molix SB Crank 55 Silent features no rattles which can be an advantage in clearer, highly-pressured waters.

Impressions: At first glance, the finish and design of these baits is quite eye catching. The SB Crank 55 Silent is designed by Molix in Italy, but manufactured in China. The finishes are top notch, with large eyes and little details that pop out in certain lighting. The body features a large head, with a bit of a contour line and flare underneath the eyes. This extra bit of shape combined with the wide square bill gives the body a tad more size to help protect the hooks from snags.

These are beautiful baits with impressive color schemes.

The stock hooks are sized correctly and are of excellent quality. Molix uses Daiichi treble hooks in sizes 2 and 4. They are black chrome in finish and are so sharp they will stick to your skin. You'll definitely want to use caution when handling these baits or unhooking a fish!

The stock Daiichi hooks are very sharp!

Casting: With a fixed internal weight and an overall heft of 3/8 ounce, there is no problem casting these baits. Much of the time, a medium or medium-heavy crankbait rod is my preference. This bait feels great on rods like a G. Loomis CBR845 Crankbait rod, or even a Megabass Orochi XX Spinnerbait Special around thicker cover and structure. Even though it has a thicker body shape like most cranks, it remains relatively streamlined because it lacks an overly bulbous shape. I can throw the Molix into the wind with no abnormal complaints or annoyances.

Though a silent bait, this color should work well in dirty water.

Retrieve: It doesn't take a whole lot to get this bait moving. With a very slow turn of the reel handle, the bait will come to life and dive. On a blazing fast retrieve, the Molix tracks very true, with only an occasional little sidestep along it's path back to the rod tip. The wobble transmits a distinct feel back to your hand, but since it's a shallow-diving bait with a small bill there isn't a ton of resistance to be had. Any baitcaster with an average gear ratio will work just fine with this bait.

These baits are not overly fat and come through cover good.

The Molix SB Crank 55 Silent is far from weedless, but it comes through wood and light brush well. Square-bill cranks will produce in open waters too, but they really shine when thrown around structure and cover where they can rip through and deflect off things.

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