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Lure Review


Just Tie It On, Toss It Out, and Crank It UP! Megabass's Deep-X LBO II


Date: 8/20/20
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.92 - GOOD

Back in 2007, I shared my thoughts on one of my go-to crankbaits at the time Megabass's Deep-X 200T; a very unassuming little bait that just had a way of tempting, and hooking quality fish. Megabass of America recently refreshed this bait along with its smaller sibling, the 100 giving the series a new shape, updated paint schemes, and a brand new internal balancing system. Here's our look at Megabass of America's latest Deep-X LBO series of cranks.


Megabass Deep-X LBO Crankbait Specifications

Type Medium Depth Crankbait,
Length 100 = 2 1/3" : 200 = 2 3/4"
Weight 100 = 3/8oz : 200 = 1/2oz
Depth 100 = 8' : 200 = 12'
Material Plastic
Colors 14
MSRP $17.99


Introducing Megabass's Deep-X 100 and 200 LBO


Impressions: For the majority of anglers who follow Megabass's bait product, the first lure that comes to mind from this manufacturer is the Vision OneTen. It is, after all, the lure that put the company on the map. For me, however, the first Megabass lure I really had any consistent success with was the Deep-X 200T perhaps for the simple fact I threw it more often.


A comparison between the Deep-X 200T (left) and new Deep-X 200 LBO (right)

I'm also a fan of the company's Linear Bearing Oscillator (LBO) internal weighting system. When I first experienced this innovation in their Marine Gang 140 saltwater jerkbait, I felt it was a game changer and immediately wondered how long it would be before the company introduced this tech into their freshwater baits.


The new Deep-X has a wider waist leading to this "flat" belly


The answer is now. When I learned they were putting this tech into one of my favorite baits, the Deep-X, I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get my hands on the new versions. When they arrived, I discovered Megabass changed more than just the balancing system in the Deep-X. While the bait's side profile is similar, the belly extends further out to towards the tail. Additionally, a slow rotation to inspect its shape reveals a much different cross section. Instead of a round or oval cross section, the Deep-X is now shaped almost like a Gothic arch in cross section.


The new look Deep-X 100 and 200 has a more contemporary look than its predecessor


Any Ford Mustang fans out there? The changes sort of reminds me of the difference from say the pre-1970 Mustang to the '73-'78 Mustang II - different, still some resemblance to the original, but just not the same. Unlike the '65 - '70 Mustang, the original Deep-X 100 and 200 baits were nothing extraordinary or classic in design, but that original torpedo shape had managed to endear itself to me. This new look and shape somehow feels more mainstream and commercial. I know, I'm probably just being too nostalgic.

The Deep-X's new shape in profile kind of reminds me of fish full of eggs and ready to spawn

Real World Tests: Nostalgia aside, I fished both the Deep-X 200 and 100 LBOs on a variety of setups waiting for that crankbait bite to heat up. It finally did while fishing them on board my Phenix Maxim MAX73MH casting rod paired with my Abu Garcia RevoX-winch while spooled with some 10lb Sufix Advance FC.

Instead of a series of individual bearings, Megabass's LBO encapsulates a series of smaller bearings in a cylinder that moves back and forth within the middle of the bait

Castability: With the baits' aerodynamic shape and respectable weights, it's not difficult to imagine they'd each be easy to cast. The real question in my mind, however, is how well the LBO system behaved in this bait. If you recall, I was a little disappointed in another bait equipped with the same balancing system, the IxI Shad. My disappointment was more in the system's lack of audible reinforcement during the cast like that of the Marine Gang 140. I thought maybe it was the IxI Shad's size that precluded it making that same sound.

The Deep-X 200 LBO is rated to 12' running depth, the 100 to 8'

Unfortunately, it appears as part of version "II" of Megabass's LBO system, the manufacturer has found it more beneficial for the bait to remain in stealth mode and be silent during the cast. The Deep-X casts well in both sizes but without that audible "clack" of which I had grown so fond of isn't really there. If you hold the bait in your hand and shake it back and forth, you can feel the forcefulness of the LBO II system, but that cylinder of weights moves more freely back and forth in this bait than it did in the Marine Gang 140 jerkbait I fished years ago.

The diving bill on the baits I procured is clear and free of bubbles

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