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Major Craft Delivers an Ultra-Light Stick Armed with an Extra-Fast Punch (continued)

Sensitivity: Anticipating a light bite situation in highly pressured waters? While an ultra light rod might not provide you with the power and leverage to steer a good sized fish away from any type of cover, they do provide an unprecedented degree of sensitivity. For smaller trout and panfish, a UL rig is just a natural choice, but when hunting for bass in clear water reservoirs where light line and small baits are the key, such a rig can be absolutely deadly.


The very clean rod wrap detail of our MSS-602UL


I was very excited to re-discover some old techniques while fishing the this rod, namely split shotting in deep, clear water reservoirs. The MSS-602UL did not disappoint. It is a wonderfully sensitive rod transmitting not only the lightest of bites, but also what type of bottom I was fishing. I landed my largest bass to date, an eleven pound plus largemouth, using an ultra light rod and only six-pound test line, and while I landed nothing close to this size fish during our tests, the sensitivity afforded by this rod really made it a joy to fish.


Rigged and ready to go


The friction joint, while clearly visible, does not affect this rod's performance

Power: As with any UL rod, what the MSS-602UL lacked was any real power. Nothing demonstrates this more than fishing a UL rod out of its comfort zone in pursuit of largemouth bass. However, fished in clear, open waters, one comes to appreciate the fish catching fun of such a light action stick. The great thing about the MSS-602UL in particular, is how quickly it sets up thanks to its extra-fast taper. So while this rod is an ultra-light, make no mistake about it, this is no noodlestick.


The very clean cork handle of our MSS-602UL


The MSS-602UL features red and gold counterweights at the back of the rod



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