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Lure Review


Taking a Walk with Megabass's New Megadog


Date: 5/11/21
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.25 + EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

It's not a year 'round bite, and some years, it seems to never materialize, but when conditions are right, and those fish are willing to crash the surface for your bait, topwater fishing is as thrilling as it gets. Our pile of topwater baits to review never seems to deplete so it helps if a bait has a way to stand out from the masses. Megabass seems to find a way to do this regularly and their full-size topwater temptation is no exception. Here's a look at Megabass of America's Megadog.


Megabass Megadog Specifications

Type Walking
Length 8.6"
Weight 4.6oz
Material Plastic
Colors 12
Hooks 3x 2/0
MSRP $59.99


Impressions: Measuring at just over eight and a half inches and weighing just over four and a half ounces, the Megadog is a big bait by any standard, but especially so for Megabass. It's designed as a walking bait with an internal wired harness for added strength and durability. Each of the three hooks are attached to swiveling hook ties via double, heavy duty split rings for extra reach and better hook up ratios. It is, of course, complete with typical Megabass detailing on the head and subtle curves and undulations made for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

Introducing Megabass's new Megadog topwater bait

Real World Test: To test this oversized topwater bait, I relied upon my Megabass of America F8-78X Mark 48 paired with my 2018 Ryoga 1520L-CC spooled with 50lb Sunline FX2 Braid.

Zander won out on the race to see who could hook up first with this bait

Castability : Big, heavy, one-piece topwater baits are a lot of fun to cast because there are no joints or other moving parts to get in the way of their efficient flight through the air and the Megadog really flies through the air on every catapult and it does so without the benefit of a moving balancing system. It has one, but it's not designed to aid with casting (more on that later). Rather, the Megadog has three, large, bearing-like weights fixed within the rear third of the bait, just behind the middle hook. These carry with them, enough mass to help direct the bait in its proper trajectory.

The Megadog is over eight and a half inches long

Ease of Actuation : Once the bait splashes down, there are two bearings at the front of the bait that actually slide around, but they do so from side to side. They're designed to move as you work the bait shifting the bait's momentum from one side to the other to enhance its walk-ability. Additionally, the top two thirds of the bait, above that middle hook, is flat on the bottom providing a smooth, planed surface so the bait easily slides and glides on the surface of the water. The Megadog is an exceedingly easy bait to walk.

Designed as a walking bait, the Megadog is super easy to work

Quality of Movement : The Megadog can be worked in either a tight V or one that goes a foot and a half to two feet in either direction depending upon how quickly you twitch the tip of your rod. Those internal, weight shifting bearings also create a knocking sound as the bait moves, so there's plenty of commotion coming from this bait making it difficult to go un-noticed by any prey species lurking down below.

Detailing along the gill plates is typical Megabass

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