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Lure Review

An effective minnow bait with a Dart and Stop & Go system, the Jackall Squadminnow 95

Date: 4/25/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 9.08 + EDITOR'S CHOICE

Jerkbaits are plentiful and some even very similar in appearance, but specific features and their actions set them apart from one another. Jackall, makers of Japanese fishing lures, has something new for us in 2007. The Squadminnow 95, a jerkbait that might appear to be the same as others but the inner design is what gives it a side to side action with a quick halt to any movement when you stop your retrieve.

Jackall Squadminnow 95 Specifications

Type Jerkbait
Class Suspending
Colors/Patterns 6 available
Size 4 in
Weight 1/2 oz
Diving Depth 3 ft
Price $14.99


Jackall's new jerkbait, the Squadminnow 95


About Jackall: Jackall was founded in 1999 by two tournament anglers Seiji Kato and Ty Ono. Seiji Kato, winner of the co-angler at the Lake Amistad Bassmaster in March 2007, is the President of Jackall and also heads the lure designs along with product innovation. Toshiro (Ty) Ono, Vice President of Jackall, is a top professional tournament angler in Japan and has even won Angler of the Year. As a team, they design and test fishing lures with state of the art facilities and only release products that are already proven to catch fish. Thanks to Curt Arakawa, Director of Sales and Marketing in the US, we now can get our hands on these productive baits locally. Curt is well experienced in this field as he was part of Team Daiwa and also an avid angler himself. All of Jackall lures are made for anglers by anglers that know what they are up against.


The package is as detailed as the lure itself

Upon picking up the Squadminnow, it didnít stand out from the mass of jerkbaits in my tackle box. I did notice the Jackall jerkbait has a nice finish to it with patterns that are a bit different giving it a hint of Jackallís special touch. When comparing the Squadminnow to lures such as the Megabass Vision 110 or the Lucky Craft Pointer the Jackall Squadminnow 95 stands right up there with the popular lures.


Above we have a Jackall Squadminnow and a Lucky Craft Pointer. Can you tell which is which? There are differences but they are very similar in appearance


The overall profile of the lure is nearly identical to the Lucky Craft Pointer and Team Daiwa Minnow SP. If you tossed them in a pile of jerkbaits and tried to pick which one is the Jackall, you might have a hard time finding it. There are distinct differences but unless you pay close attention to details you wonít notice them.


Component wise, the Squadminnow sports high quality parts. The lure uses an oval split ring at the point of line attachment, while circular rings are used to attach the hooks to the lure. Speaking of hooks, the jerkbait uses ultra sharp hooks and the rear hook is smaller in size than the one mid-body.


State of the art technology is used to design the lure to provide the best action as possible


Lastly, as you further examine the lure and study the packaging youíll find the lureís special feature is actually inside. This is witnessed by the assortment of plastic beads, ball bearings, and other components interior of the Squadminnow Ghost Minnow pattern lure. This interior weight system is used to slow down the lure quickly as you stop your retrieve and to assist in its zigzag motion. Does it actually work? Thatís something weíll find in our detailed field test report.


Complete Rig for Jackall Squadminnow 95 tests

Rod Lamiglas XMG (EXC703)
Powell 682
Reel Quantum Tour Edition PT Burner
Shimano Chronarch SF
Line 12 lb. Sufix Elite
12 lb. Sufix Siege


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