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Event Article

New Lures at the 2010 International Sportsmen’s Expo


Date: 1/27/10
Location: San Mateo and Sacramento, CA
Event Date: Jan 14-24, 2010
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

We return to the ISE 2010 shows to check out the latest lures to make their debut this January. As expected a number of new swimbaits were introduced as the big bait craze shows no signs of slowing down, and while they were the easy pick for most exciting new lures, there were other attention-grabbing baits on display as well.


Meet Dead Mafia Lures, their slogan "Now you're swimmin' with the fishes"


Dead Mafia Lures: With a name like this you know this company isn’t messing around. Dead Mafia Lures debuted two new lures at the show which were appropriately called “The Don” and “The UB.”


"The UB" is a topwater walk the dog swimbait that is designed to turn into the wake


“The UB” is a topwater lure that is designed to exhibit a wide swing when walking the dog on the surface of the water. It has a very angular profile and a keel design so the head of the bait will actually turn downwards into the wake instead of just sliding over the top. It is designed to be fished with a 7’-7’11” medium to fast action rod and measures 7.5” long.


A closer look at the angled head design


The bait is available in a dizzying array of patterns ranging from traditional rainbow trout to a gold color called Starburst. The finishes on the lure look great and while the bait looks like they might be made out of wood they are in fact constructed out of resin. Each “UB” retails for $49.99 and is available now.


"The Don" looks like "The UB" but features a different design...


“The Don” is similar to “The UB” in profile but sports a different head design which includes a large cavity so they are able to push more water when walked over the surface and create more commotion to emulate feeding or panicking baitfish. “The Don” can be fished on the same rod setup as “The UB,” and is also 7.5” in length and is made out of the same resin. Each lure retails for 49.99 except the Rainbow Trout pattern which is five dollars more.


...which is easy to see when you look at the cavity in the head of this bait


The new baits look very custom and yet quite refined for a first offering, they should do well among anglers looking for a new big bait to draw topwater strikes with. Both of these lures are available now in a wide range of colors from the company's website.


Colin and Angie Flynn from Dead Mafia Lures show us all the many patterns their new baits are available in


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