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Event Article: 2008 ISE San Mateo

Kicking off the Season with the 2008 International Sportsmen's Expo San Mateo

Date: 1/12/08
Location: San Mateo, CA
Admission: $12.00
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: We kick off the show season officially with the first International Sportsmen's Show, located in San Mateo, California. The 32nd ISE continues to bring fans of the outdoors exhibitors representing tackle manufacturers and fishing and hunting lodges, plus adventure outfitters from around the world. A number of manufacturers used the opportunity to launch new tackle, and as expected the number of quality swimbait introductions continues to soar.


A break in the recent California storms brought out the crowds to the first ISE show of the year

Swimbaits: Want a big fish? Throw a swimbait. That message seems to have motivated both anglers and tackle manufacturers as the sheer number of new swimbait tackle offerings continues to flow from 2007 right into the new year. Whether it was new scented swimbaits, rods, or reels, every where we turned there was yet another new tackle offering that was designed to augment your swimbait arsenal.

Not a bad deal, no tax and a free swimbait

Stores were lined with signs promoting the latest swimbats, and a number of retailers had special bundles, for example Coyote Bait and Tackle offered to both pay the tax on swimbait rods as well as include a free swimbait with purchase.

Gary Dobyns had his new swimbait sticks at the show, the Mike Long edition with it's massive handle for increased leverage when casting and fighting fish has been a top seller

Berkley: Powerbait is not a name you usually associate with swimbaits but that is going change with the introduction of their new Hollow Belly swimbaits. These baits were actually getting bit in the test tank, the secret.... the same powerful scents the brand is known for now infused into the swimbaits. The lures are engineered to sink nicely and not roll over like many competing lures.

The most exciting new swimbait of the show came from a name not normally associated with swimbaits at all.... Powerbait

These baits are extremely easy to rig, and come with two mustad weighted hooks. Berkley wants to make it easy for anglers to start fishing these baits, and the lures even come complete with rigging instructions.

Mark Naillon adds a little Gulp! flavor to Randy Pringle's lunch

The Powerbait Swimbaits will be available in two weeks and comes in a 5 inch side and six different colors/patterns. They will retail for 9.99 for a pack of three.

The unique screw in design helps keep this hollow body swimbait rigged together

The quick and easy rigging (the snap on Randy's rig is because he needs to switch out lures quickly during his seminars)

The inside of the package contains detailed rigging instructions

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